Zhang Ziyi rare in early years, according to netizens said she really did not plastic surgery

Zhang Ziyi the film star Lu Yi.

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" shortly before Zhang Ziyi for a show on the hot, many netizens have said this time stand out to support her, and called her a while and some old play bone a little gap, but compared to those who are now little meat really has good too much, but she was a born beauty, a lot of side faces than those of natural cosmetic face is comfortable, here we take a look at 9 Zhang Ziyi early rare photos. Zhang Ziyi, who was born in childhood, was born in Beijing in February 9, 1979. It was learned that she started dancing and piano when she was 8 years old.

, Zhang Ziyi as a child, looks and looks very much like now. At the age of 11, she was admitted to the high school affiliated to Beijing Dance Academy. After 6 years of studying folk dance major, she starred in the first film "Star Lighting" in 1996. She was also admitted to the performing Department of Central Academy of Drama in the same year.

" because there are a born beauty talent show, in 1998 she was chosen by Zhang Yimou, and with "a corner of my father and mother" in her twenty-third session of Hundred Flowers Award Best Actress Award, this career is almost Everything is going smoothly.

" for young Zhang Ziyi, many users see the photos after all that she was really not a cosmetic

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entertainment also has many stars like Zhang Ziyi, a born beauty, from small to large, to see what the stars! Rosamund Kwan was called "little beauty" and "enamel Doll" by many uncles and aunts since childhood". When you study in middle school, it is also a famous "school beauty"".

users exposed a group of Angelababy childhood photos, when she was a child, she also has a pair of bright big eyes, revealing the characteristics of "female man". Many netizens said, "Baby is very beautiful since childhood", "and now grow the same."".

S.H.E" has been combined with the princess image shows the Selina, although the students according to short hair quite satisfactory, but still the beauty of the beautiful shape into the bangs, pretty beauty. And baby fat is the same as it is now, no change.

a Sa from the three began as a part-time model, to shoot magazine and advertising, also worked with high school students in the movie "since he has come" as a special actor, played one of the students. In 2000, the Youth Drama "youth @Y2K" produced by the Hongkong Radio Television Department came into prominence, began to recognize young people, and participated in many advertisements and magazines shooting. After "Yes!" the person in charge of the magazine recommended under Huo Wenxi manager appreciation, signing artists become emperor entertainment. Sa little Lolita in childhood is lovely.

Jolin, should be regarded as the representative of the acquired beauty. In the photograph, Jolin was not outstanding, but his big eyes were lovely.

" s and s picture perfect interpretation of the meaning of "big eighteen change".

Deng Chao's childhood photos, the mouth is very similar to childhood.

, Fan Bingbing's childhood photos, she will know that she was a pretty girl when she was young.

Gao Yuanyuan childhood photos is very cute, although black and white photos, but catches the eyes especially her a pair of love.

", "king of heaven", "cool", and "Youth" hairstyles have led to a wave of fashion.

Han Xue, born in the performing arts family, influenced by family, Han Xue was 6 years old
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