A four year old boy with disabilities encouraged the first step under the encouragement of his parents

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" the 4 year old boy Camden (Camden), born with phocomelia (Phocomelia) with congenital limb malformation (Amelia), recently under the encouragement of their parents, successfully stepped out first step in life, and excitedly shouted "I walk." the picture touched countless friends.

Katie, a 23 year old mother of Texas,, posted a moving video in November 19th. In the picture, her boyfriend Cole (Cole Greene) palms up, said: "I am here, you will not fall, I promise.". "And the other one, Camden in diapers, tried to wiggle his body and move slowly, and he shouted excitedly," I'm coming. I'm walking. "! The last success was poured into Cole's arms, and the 3 year old sister jumped with joy.

, Katie, recording and tears beside him: "under his father's encouragement and guidance, Camden finally learned how to walk."! I cried like a child. I've been waiting for this moment for 4 years. "When

Katie was 18 weeks pregnant, the doctor told her that the baby had no hands and feet. After his son was born, he was diagnosed with seal limb disease and congenital limb deformities. She said, "when I knew this, I thought he was going to be a vegetable, and I was only 19 years old, and I even doubted if I could take care of him. When he put him in bed for 2 months and watched him trying to touch the toy in the light, I started crying, and I was glad he could do something. I was confused at first, but he told me I didn't have to worry too much. "

network with

Katie often on the network to share photos of his son, that does not need to be ashamed to let others know. She also said, "there are many people like Camden who have become motivational speakers and helpful. Maybe it's a mother's intuition, and I think he'll be like this in the future, and if you give him a platform, you'll have people who want to listen to him.

original title: "I'm walking."! "Four year old boy without limbs, encouraged by his parents, brave the first step,

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