The car accident happened one night in front of the store hit Germany

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haiwaiwang· 2017-11-27 00:22:57

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overseas network on 26 November, according to the Russian satellite network reported that in the morning local time on 26, the German car accident occurred in Cuxhaven into a crowd of people. A white car rushed outside the nightclub crowd, causing at least 6 people injured, 4 of them were seriously injured, the injured have been rushed to the hospital. It is reported that the perpetrator is a 29 year old drunken man.

now, the perpetrators are being questioned. The police will investigate whether he deliberately butt, the police did not announce the events associated with terrorist attack. At present, the square of the accident has been blocked, and the police are clearing the scene. (compile / overseas network Liu Qiang)

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The car accident happened one night in front of the store hit Germany

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