How the wealth of the Chinese people to become a feast of Wall Street

Wealth Wall Street feast Chinese

tengxunjunshi· 2016-05-14 13:53:52

but realistically, these bubbles are not entirely created by ourselves, in recent years, China's property market, the stock market bubble, and Europe and the United States forced the RMB appreciation does not matter? And international hot money into China through various channels is not related to it? Today, when the economic globalization of the train roared past, the United States of America and the West will find, at this time to suppress China is their last chance, which is set up the last chance for arresting line on China's economy.

they are sure to take this opportunity that is already a few. So what is the most convenient way to sweep up China's wealth at the moment? Economic war, a trade war with China, including lighters and toys to play in a trade war, these are insignificant skill. To package swept and confiscation of Chinese people painstakingly built up a huge wealth, in addition to the financial war, there is no better way.

now has a word called "world siege of RMB", why should the siege of RMB? Because the financial catastrophe is the worst of all catastrophe catastrophe. Japan with the pressure of RMB appreciation and China, accused of manipulation, there will always be an excuse. There is no doubt, China's economic system and financial system problems really exist, but what is we must understand and solve, and what is other imposed on us, these are needs us to figure out.

Americans are very good at playing regular warfare, in fact, in the financial war, in the conspiracy theory, one of the most important means is the rule of war. Shackles of the United States China's latest a noose formed on June 15, 2007, the International Monetary Fund through a decision, the member country policy of bilateral surveillance decision. This decision is the main content is: it without the need to prove that a country whether in manipulating its currency, as long as its policy caused imbalance of exchange rate is the fundamental, or large scale, long time to cause trade deficits or surpluses, the International Monetary Fund can identify you in the manipulation of the exchange rate. < p > on the surface this is the International Monetary Fund of the world equally policy formulation, in fact, is tailored specifically for the Chinese a noose. The noose is just right for Chinese people just stretched neck. The Chinese government has taken it for granted, but what is the use of it? When it becomes a rule, you will have to protest against it, just see if you have the ability, while performing it, while trying to avoid it against you.

but you want to completely let this rope is not set in your neck, it seems very difficult, because you do not have the rules of the rules, you do not have the right to say. The United States to do so, it is a bit high handed, but you do nothing about it. < p > this is easy to make people think of when Japan was the Plaza Accord entangle neck, the United States and Basel agreement set in the neck of the Japanese, which in the end is the to Japanese life deadly cable. And the same means more than 20 years after the use of China, what does it mean? We also need to say it? < p > between two similar things must have some intrinsic logic relation, we may be unable to adduce conclusive evidence. In fact, there is no need to adduce conclusive evidence, to prove that the United States and the West in a field for other financial warfare tricked many conspiracy, but we can still through logical reasoning this problem. Lucky is our sages invented logic, the logic allows us to those temporarily can not use the facts and evidence to prove something, can at least guess and judgment. < p > this makes we do not have to be like others, stumbles suffered after, just know what is wrong, can't walk which road, which people and things have to walk around, does not necessarily have to their own experience to gain in your wit, so has a huge wealth of China, pay cost, surrender tuition rather too expensive. We can see people sadder, his wit, so China's wealth may not as Wall Street financial predators are on the table the most luxurious feast.

the cold winter is coming

if we are convinced that the dollar's real existence, which means that the history of the world's most cold economic winter, it is about to come? < p > although people come up with some evidence to the contrary, to offset the pessimistic predictions gave rise to doubts, but I would rather accept: with pessimistic sober attitude and alert for upcoming winter.

so, this winter is how to form, and how it will be cold in the world? This requires our in-depth insight into American core secrets - financial strategy, when the kernel of this strategy is ripping out layers and frightening show in front of the world, it will let each person are amazing at the same time, and the heart of horror. < p > can't you secretly gasp in admiration of American strategic designers savvy and sophisticated, in the use of financial leverage to defend the dollar hegemony or American hegemony adept skills and superb wrist - the whole world manipulation in the palm of your hand, unexpectedly also can let you unaware! < more let a person gasp in admiration, the American "strategic financial guru" are under the eyes of the world, the real plot playing into overtly, the crisis clearly playing into opportunities, make you even knows helpless, knowing that the fire pit also had to jump in. I believe that the future of the history of the world's financial history in writing this passage, it will be described as a spectacle in the history of human finance.

look at these Americans dangerous for machine, able to perform wonders. "!

2008, in the fictitious economy to play tricks exhausted. Finally in the United States, but not in other places, the outbreak of the financial history of the most serious financial crisis. With the fall of Lehman brothers and other heavyweight financial institutions, people once again think of an "old" topic: the decline of the United states. Even I think this time the United States is doomed. < p > however, in just six years, Americans are making a comeback, although I believe this still avoid us will eventually in the trend of the decline of the 21st century - but the Americans in such a short time, showing repair so strong regeneration capacity or daunting. < p > is particularly surprising is that states in the brandish in nearly half a century of financial staff, just block a single biggest and brightest gem global financial regulatory authority. To know that this is the real financial hegemony of the United States for more than 40 years, even in the financial crisis before the peak of the power has not been obtained!

however, the American people to reflect on the financial crisis, the name of error correction, and easily put this dream of power into his arms. In other words, Americans occupy the commanding heights of the global financial. < p > financial analyst frost wrote: "only 1 pound, the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) control is transferred from Europe to the United States. This is a significant power transition. "< the capture of the U.S. financial commandos march in British hands gripping the position for 30 years after," to expand to the overseas financial regulation in the United States in hundreds of overseas financial institutions to investigate, frequently punished by hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, which is, in fact, let the whole world financial institutions under the supervision of the United States streaking!

the role of the U.S. financial police to become the biggest beneficiary of the super financial power". By describing the ice, we see Britain's Barclays, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Switzerland's UBS, weguelin after Deutsche Bank, Lloyds TSB bank, Bank of Scotland, UniCredit ⋯ ⋯ long strings of prey on the list of the latest list of is the French Paris Bank, one after another, in the United States to financial investigation in the name of the pressure, have make clear the fine, flashed up a white flag.

this is an American style eye popping salted fish!

but Americans don't stop there. Or, this is just the first step in the American crisis. Next, we are going to see this big chess in the second step, the third step, the fourth step ⋯ ⋯

2014 in September 27, the Fed's first female CEO Yellen has announced the end of QE, which means that the United States once again closed sluice, the end of "wide". But how much of this appears to be the beginnings and ends of the financial action may bring enough vigilance and cognitive consequences of what it? < p > when quantity wide after the end, like a sluice suddenly fell under the gate, the downstream flow will suddenly narrowed, which means that the United States on the global money supply will all of a sudden tightening. Then, the Fed will be resorted to the dollar from weak to strong when the usual means: raising the interest rate. So international capital will be like be hypnotized as large number of steering, progressively into the United States, to push America's bond market, the stock market, so that a strong dollar, let us capital markets into a wave of the bull market. < p > in contrast under, other countries, whether it is in developed countries or in developing countries, especially the BRIC countries, because the capital in the blink of an eye flow and inevitably fall into a new financial crisis.

at this moment, as I mentioned earlier, the season of the world's wool is coming with the American financial scissors. At that time, how many countries will be able to avoid this because of the prior preparation? Looking at the world, I can't see any country to really understand the terrorist prospects, so as to prepare countermeasures.

we can see, are some short-sighted people, for some immediate petty profits to win the fight at outrance. As a result, we are all together, intentionally or unintentionally, to cut the world's wool, swept the world's wealth, to create the elements to meet its final conditions: regional crisis. < p > because Americans no matter how clever, regardless of how the dollar strong, it wants to harvest the global wealth, the final step in the strategic steps, must be in want of a hot regions hold affect the global crisis. And when the crisis comes, Americans will finally be mature in the world with the American dollar.

99 degrees Celsius temperature plus 1 degrees Celsius, the boiling point is coming. Crisis, at this moment, is the last straw that breaks the camel. In the midst of crisis brought about a recession, American portrait they in Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia has had that at very low prices, reap the all the crisis countries and regions of the high-quality assets ⋯ ⋯. < p > in the next round of the longer the Reaper list and will not add China's name on it? Just think of it, makes people shiver all over though not cold!

data show that the Americans to get rid of the economic crisis, there are three ways: first, the use of the crisis, the two is to improve the exchange rate, the three is the use of technological innovation to bring economic growth point. In the three approach, the ratio as high as 60% out of crisis. Understand this, there is nothing to think of it? < p > think, as previously mentioned, why with the dollar index cycle began to rise, China's peripheral so intensive trouble, from the Diaoyu Islands, to Huangyan Island, the Philippines, and then to the Vietnam conflict in the South China Sea, these may at any time by the dispute into a regional crisis event, don't are some isolated, irrelevant, the small probability event? < p > think again, Americans in Russia back Crimea events such as this can forbear down, but in the dispute over China and its neighboring countries bite and hold, or even deliberately fire arch, make the East China Sea, the South China Sea situation again deteriorated, behind the hidden exactly how much deep motivation?? If we don't call it a conspiracy, and that what it is? < p > when we see through the states of the financial strategy magic, then it and nowadays China's neighboring suddenly tense geopolitical situation together, especially when the Japanese government against the tide of history and openly to ban collective self-defense name, let the Japanese have the returning to the more than half a century of war powers, the United States still to tacitly support.

and this will make it possible for Japan in the Diaoyu Islands or the waters around China, in order to create a regional crisis. Whether this is a deeper strategic understanding between the US and Japan? Or to put it more civilized, whether this is the law of the dollar index of another 99 degrees Celsius plus a new example of 1 degrees Celsius it? If the judge was established, then, the Americans want to "return to Asia" what is not clear?

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