Foreign friends Tucao encountered the worst plane meal"

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wodaibabakanshijie· 2017-11-27 08:41:39

recently, the "Daily Mail" published the most difficult meal plane users encountered in the world, really do not see, do not see a scare.

this was originally a cheese and ham sandwich, but at first glance it was more like a cardboard.

a hearty breakfast can make you full of go, but eat this picture and totally inconsistent with scrambled eggs and sausage, you may also want to try something else.

what is a juicy meatball sandwich? A piece,please。 When the passenger opens the lunch box, I can imagine how disappointed he will be.

hamburger? What is it? Hamburger is a piece of meat with a few slices of lettuce leaves. There are only a few leaves on the North Korean Airlines flight in Korea.

after a long flight, wake up, see the meal before, think or go back to sleep for a while.

" although food experts suggest that we eat something light, but on the two Rice-meat dumplings in rice congee, what other are not what is a ghost?

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Foreign friends Tucao encountered the worst plane meal"