Terrible! The plane was still flying, and the window was loose

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fengmianxinwen· 2017-11-27 08:41:43

according to the "mirror" reported in November 20th, a passenger on a cheap flights over Chile found the window is completely loose, he took himself to the video social news website, and with the text "I should worry about? "

in the video, the window frame looks a little bit prominent, and when the passenger moves it gently, the frame is easy to get out of it.

netizens reminded him of a landing as soon as possible, and some people say that this window will cause an air crash. "

video screenshot, aircraft window frame is easy to pull out.

however, the passenger didn't seem to worry too much, and he said, "this is a cheap airline (just 30 dollars). The window is completely out of its frame. I thought it was fun. I took a video with my cell phone. "

, according to airline pilots and" Ask The Pilot "website host Patrick Smith said, passengers are not worried about right. He said, "it's just a lining to protect the actual window. I admit it looks awkward and unprofessional, but there's no security risk. "

video screenshot, passengers will push back the window frame.

video shoot, the aircraft is flying over chile.

UK flight safety committee chief executive Day Whittingham added: "this is not a security issue, it is just a loose cabin interior. The inner window is used to protect the main glass from scratch, reduce noise, and provide heat insulation. Outside the window is fixed in the shell, and a sealing pad is used to seal up, making the aircraft interior can be pressurized, so this loose frame has no effect on the whole, but don't look neat, tidy. "

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