Fudan high school principal shouted: "parents stop, otherwise the child will be ruined."!

Education children growth college entrance examination

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a good child, can play the piano, and dance, but also drawing, learning achievement. Grow up, read junior high school, what will be, each test before a few, to the key high school, the college entrance examination and become the number one or the top several, go abroad or the best university in the country.

a lot of people come here. After a few years, they read graduate students, and they read pH. d..

you see, parents are also proud, feel the child is excellent, less than 45 years old is deputy level cadres, less than 50 years old is the level cadres, to see relatives, friends, classmates, family, everyone said children promising.

then, less than 55 years old, he went to prison. This time the parents also ran a tears: "how is my child will appear in this situation?! Is education like

, the result of this, is what we want? in our pursuit of scores, and so many fancies of men of letters can... We... Going to think, education, where is the problem? The core issue of

education is not in the students' ability, not in the reform, not in the technical level. Our education lacks the soul, the Chinese educational technology level has gone too fast, "soul" can not keep up.

01 guide children to love, kindness and wisdom to

so we can not from the perspective of educational education now, from the perspective of philosophy is the soul of a problem.

Platon said, "education is not him, it is the turning of the mind". Then, where should I turn and where to turn? Guide children to score, steering ability, steering ability, steering ability? None of them。 Kfishnamurti, a philosopher from India, wrote a book entitled "education is the liberation of the mind".

liberated the mind. Where should the mind turn in the context of Platon? You have learned philosophy, in western philosophy, "love wisdom" is philosophy, then I add a good, a person's soul in the depths of love, kindness, wisdom of these three things.

you say this person in the future a little bit of technology, a little bit of talent, but also worse where to go? And this is the universal value of our world, but now many people have forgotten it.

I have learned from this example that education is the art of "slow". what is education? Education is like flowers, while keeping watch, while waiting for the flowers. I give this sentence to your parents, children will be like this, slow, don't worry. God makes him exist in this world, and will certainly give him the value of existence. You remember this saying, "existence means value."".


education is like flowers, flowers

need to wait for life should be a "slow" art education is also true.

there was a mother who came to my home with the daughter of grade five in primary school. She said: "teacher, you see my children do not love to eat, thin girl, how do ah? "I said," 10 years old. What's your hurry? "She can't do well in school. She can't eat. She's shorter than her peers. How come?"! "I said," you have a good image. How much will your children be? Don't worry. You don't care too much about this thing. You should take it slowly. You worry, and she won't grow. Do you dare to pull it out? "

2014, the college entrance examination after the end, volunteers are completing after admission notice, she has a slim, pretty girl, said:" this is the girl. "I said," were you worried? In a few years, the child is higher than you, beautiful than you, but also went to a good university. "She said," I was really worried, and I was so proud. "

education most afraid there are two extremes:

is a completely abdicated; another is according to their own flowers to encourage, rather than spend the original wood and demand, only silently, only waiting for the chance to bloom.

our parents have to do is to give children enough fertile land, observe the different kinds of flowers, then select the work mode, and appropriate guidance, weeding, and lush.



is the best education every students ways and means no definite direction. Now some schools say, "if you don't learn to die, you will learn from death", "no teaching can not teach students, only teachers can not teach."". Is so boring, hypocritical words, so you can put the good education?

don't look at our campus today and say, "warm congratulations on becoming a scholar, going to Tsinghua University and Peking University". I think this kind of children will be successful in the future. As I said, there is an infinite possibility for children's future. Why is a child valuable? Because of his possibilities, he has unlimited possibilities.

so my conclusion is: first, there is no universally applicable way, suitable for the best education; second, every student to become useful

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