In order to make American money, the car company wants to change its name

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) some time ago, McDonald's Chinese company renamed the "golden arches", a piece hand gluttonous feast, the summit of micro-blog hot search, scraper circle of friends, really let McDonald's enjoy a net red shop treatment. However, in the explosion of red, netizens' brain hole open all kinds of ridicule also make McDonald's "worry" unceasingly, continue to respond to the name change.

, in fact, recently caused by the brand name is not a concern outside the McDonald's one. Recently, GAC's own brand has also met the need to rename the problem, because its English name Trumpchi and American president Trump (Trump) hit the name, and it intends to enter the North American market in 2019.

may wonder that the English name of "Chuan Qi" is similar to that of the president of the United States, and it is not a good thing to improve the popularity of the former. Especially, how does it enter into the North American market, and how does it become a vexing problem?

this is what happened: in January of this year's Detroit auto show, but the GAMC exhibited trumpchi brand, a variety of models, in the exhibition site, many foreign visitors feel confused about the "Trumpchi" English trumpchi Logo, curious about this brand and the president of the United States Trump (Trump) the relationship between. After

, GAC said it was aware of the problem. Recently, it has been reported that GAC will announce its decision to change its name at the Detroit motor show next January.

public information shows, Chuan Qi is the Guangzhou Automobile Group launched in 2010 the domestic car brand.

photograph: GAC trumpchi website

it is understood that in this year's Guangzhou auto show, GAC trumpchi has decided to exhibit the 2018 North American auto show. According to Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC group, "early next year, GAC will participate in the North American auto show; at the same time, to enter the North American market is also a goal of gac. According to the latest news, GAC is discussing with its joint venture partner Fiat Chrysler (FCA). Both sides expect that in addition to deepening cooperation in the Chinese market, FCA will further explore the possibility of helping

enter the American market.

"in the past, the development of the international market of China's auto enterprises mainly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa or some Asian countries, but after the survey found that Europe and the United States developed countries in the automotive market is very large, enter these areas of the market, is more conducive to improving brand influence. Yu Jun, general manager of GAC passenger car, said.

in fact, GAC's "ambition" to go abroad has a long history. At the beginning of Chuan Qi brand, GAC has plans to break into overseas markets including the United states. Early this year, at the Detroit auto show, Chuan Qi brand with 3 new models of GS7, pure electric GE3 and EnSpirit concept car exhibitors, for the first time boarded the world's important car show stage. Since then, in many occasions, GAC has repeatedly mentioned the necessity of Chuan Qi brand into the mainstream of foreign markets.

according to the GAC plan, Chuan Qi brand plan no later than 2019 into the North American market, the launch of the first model may be Chuan Qi GS8. If Chuan Qi can successfully open the North American market, GAC will even consider building factories in the United States to localize production.

"at present, GAC has entered 14 countries and regions, and then to enter the European and American developed countries automotive market, which will be one of the biggest challenges to promote the internationalization strategy of gac. Yu Jun, general manager of GAC passenger car, said.

"source: Photo nets (Graphic unrelated)

in fact, in addition to GAC, SAIC, Geely, Chery and other car companies are also on the European and American markets tempted.

in June this year, Geely Group holding 49.9% shares, the acquisition of Malaysia Proton car purchase lutesi (Lotus) 51% of the shares, successfully entered the car sales scale about 3 million 200 thousand cars in the ASEAN market. In November 17th, Geely's joint venture announced that it would build an automobile manufacturing plant in Belarus, with an annual capacity of 60 thousand, and its products will be mainly marketed in the Russian market.

also in November, Chery also announced a new strategic plan overseas, namely the formation of a joint venture in Brazil with the local CAOA group, plans to high-end, intelligent, network of a new generation of products into the global mainstream market.

and the important position of SAIC's overseas development this year are neither in North America nor in Europe, but in India. In July this year, SAIC signed a memorandum of understanding with Gujarat State of India, will take over the general Halol factory in Gujarat, India, will produce MG brand models in India in the future. The plant will be put into operation in 2019, with an expected annual capacity of 50 thousand ~7 million. Although

has come from the main brand in the market and related policies driven by the rapid development of brand power, product force and so on, but in the export, independent brands started earlier, but the performance is not satisfactory.

national passenger car association data show that China's own brand car exports in 2012 reached 1 million 12 thousand highs,

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