Carton: a new routine pengci box fell through,

Suspects cameras Luzhou undercover

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Chengdu daily news November 27th, November 22nd afternoon, a long period of time of 3 minutes and 3 seconds, "Luzhou southwest Trade City Bus Terminus near the hidden fraud dens" video circulated on the Internet, video at least 5 people pass by a shop door, on the door of the box suddenly fell to the ground, and then someone out passers-by demand money. Sichuan Province, Luzhou City Public Security Bureau Longmatan District branch according to the video clues, in Luzhou, Luxian County had arrested 3 suspects. At present, there are still 1 suspects at large, the case is still under investigation. According to the masses, the fraud gang in the vicinity of Luzhou city bus terminal, has opened a number of stores in pengci fraud, the victim is the vast majority of passengers traveling to the station.

and toppled the fraud gang Liu Xiaoxia (a pseudonym), is a local ordinary workers, because of "losing money" after the suspect shop trick, then at the station "undercover", photographed a day and a half later into a short video clip, eventually caused police attention and successfully solve the case.

Liu Xiaoxia in the bus station opposite the store undercover candid communication box pengci

video source: Chengdu daily secret

communication small shop was fraud black

11 23 day morning, Luzhou City Public Security Bureau Longmatan District Branch issued "on the official WeChat" southwest Trade City shops suspected of fraud, "the court informed" said: on the night of November 22nd, Longmatan District Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses: "South West Trade City Longmatan district bus passenger station fraud dens". Immediately, the police through the masses to provide reporting information and video clues, organize police force to carry out investigation work.

informed that, after preliminary investigation, the police mastered the basic situation of 3 suspects. Around 0:50 in November 23rd, arrested 1 main suspects Qi Moumou (male, 29 years old, Henan Jiaxian people); 3:40 in the morning, the police in Luxian County, the case of another 2 suspects (a man and a woman) arrested. The case is under further investigation.

police action, from the previous online circulated by a "deceived" homemade video. Reporters saw the video titles and subtitles display a Voiceover: "to the southwest of Luzhou city passenger station next to the bus station, take the bus, you have to be careful after this inn, a trap for you. "

during this period of time is 3 minutes and 3 seconds in the video, you can clearly see the two portable box will man suspected of either red or green, put in an" convenient communication "shop door, as long as there are people from the door out, that was put in the slightly high carton will pour in on the ground. Then, passers-by will be arrested by suspected men, asking to lose money.

reporter found that in this video, at least 5 people passed, the box "on time" fell. In the video, you can clearly see that people have not even touched the box, and it automatically falls to the ground. In the 3 minute video, at least 4 people were arrested for compensation, and only 1 got away after the box collapsed. Among them, a man dressed in a red even passers-by migrant workers fighting, until he lost so far.

"our undercover unannounced visits forensics carton pengci" photographed 5 pengci fragment alarm

video shot is a 32 year old local workers in Luzhou Liu Xiaoxia. According to Liu Xiaoxia recalled that in the morning of November 19th, he returned to Luzhou from Yibin by bus, from the bus terminal to the bus terminal, after the name of "convenient communication" shop door, a box placed on the booth suddenly landed. "I thought it was my clothes, and I instinctively stooped to pick up the box. "Liu Xiaoxia said, when he was ready to leave, a foreign accent of the man pulled him, said things broke, let him lose money.

"there are two glass bottles in the box, which contain protein powder and something like that, and it's really broken. "Liu Xiaoxia said, the box price tag is 490 yuan, the man asked him to compensate 400 yuan. Liu Xiaoxia was only 200 yuan, the other side of the scene, to accept 200 yuan, let him go. "The more I thought about it, the more I felt that the box had a problem. Liu Xiaoxia told reporters that after he had calmed down, he was sure he had never touched the box at all.

Liu Xiaoxia is a worker, earn all hard money, sometimes hard day earn less than 100 yuan, 200 yuan equivalent to his two days of income. In order to find out what is wrong with the money he has lost, he is ready to visit the station to make a secret visit. In the afternoon, he pushed off the work on his hand, holding a small camera quietly lurking in the "convenient communication" opposite the bus station after the card. Not long after the observation, the box at the entrance of the shop did fall on time when a pedestrian approached, and the pedestrian was also stopped and demanded to lose money.

fraud Gang dens and bus platform between, only across the road, about 10 meters away. How to shoot and not to be found? Liu Xiaoxia moved his head. He first found a meter high box, put the camera, but the camera is exposed, it is easy to see each other. "I finally dug a hole in the cardboard box and just showed the camera lens. "He said, and then he put the camera box on the ground, and he hid behind the bus station. I was nervous during the filming, for fear that they'd find out. "

Liu Xiaoxia's camera storage card.",

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