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2017 in the morning of November 24th, in Pella, St Petersburg shipyard, the biting wind invasion of every staff, but their heart is warm, because two years of work to achieve substantive results. At 13 noon on the same day, after the godmother buckled the champagne under the bow of the ship, a new warship slowly moved back into the water and began to gain life. The warship is the latest frigate of the Russian navy, called "typhoon".

. When we mention the name "typhoon", many people may associate with the "typhoon" class nuclear submarine with a capacity of 48 thousand tons underwater. The huge front deck of this submarine is like a flat airstrip, and the metal covers are low enough to contain a nuclear warhead that can destroy a country. The yacht of the country, perhaps many Russian naval officers are very fond of the title. But the typhoon, launched in November 24th, did not compare with it, because it was just a light frigate with a displacement of only 800 tons.

800 tons of drainage, even the "typhoon" class submarines have no way to catch up. The Russian navy, however, seems to be enchanted with this tonnage of small ships, as there are up to 5~6 types of lightweight frigates being built at the same time. These frigates, although the configuration is different, but all have a common characteristic, the drainage quantity is small, but the military is very strong. The Russian light frigate is the most powerful tonnage ship in the world today, which should be undisputed.

"typhoon" frigate belongs to "hurricane" grade, the code of this class is "Project 22800". Like the other types of frigates, the ship was built with a large green light and 18 orders were ordered at one time. At the same time, there are 8 "hurricane" frigates to be built at the same time. The "hurricane" class of the former class ship is the "rioters M" type, plans to build 15, has completed 9, 8 have been officially served, and some of the ships have participated in the battle against Syria.

and the "rioters M" light frigate, the tonnage of the "hurricane" level is roughly the same as it, and is similar in the weapon configuration. "Hurricane drainage" class frigate amounted to 800 tons, a total length of 67 meters, 11 meters wide, 4 meters draft, the biaxial paddle propulsion, speed of more than 30. The maximum endurance is 2500 nautical miles, and the self holding capacity is 15 days. Its weapon configuration includes: AK-176MA type Gaoping dual-purpose gun 1 doors, AK-630M near defense gun two, 8 unit vertical launch system, can launch "Crabbe" -NK cruise missile or P-800 anti-ship missile.

" at the same level of the Corvette, whether it is "hurricane", or "mob M", are distinguished in the air defense, anti-ship and land attack capability. This also means that even the 1500 ton class 056 frigate of our navy is far behind in its ability. As for the newest typhoon typhoon escort, if the ship is equipped with the "Crabbe" -NK cruise missile, it will be able to attack the 2500~3500 kilometer distance land target. If equipped with P-800 missile, it will have powerful anti-ship capability.

P-800 missile is a large anti-ship missile, its weight is 3 tons, its warhead is 250 kilograms of semi armor projectile, flying speed of 2.5 Maher, combat distance of 120~300 km. Relying on the "typhoon", and the ship's voyage, and can completely water wolves, together with other Russian forces anti-ship assault on the sea near along with the implementation of the ocean fleet. With a drooping "hurricane" light frigate, a 4 - ship fleet can carry 32 P-800 missiles if it is all used for anti ship.

" it is worth noting that the "typhoon" escort AFAR phased array radar is installed on the ship, the detection distance is about 100 km, the ability to monitor and obtain the target greatly enhanced. In such a small escort ship equipped with phased array radar, the Russian navy is also under the original capital. A phased array radar is installed on a small ship, and the UAE Navy calculates one. The ship class "Fala -2" type frigate, full load of less than 550 tons of water. Compared to the typhoon "typhoon" frigate, the configuration of the type 056 frigate is much worse than that of the "typhoon" frigate. The main gun type 056 frigate is used and "typhoon" with a development of the source of AK-176, but only 2 anti-ship capability double the eagle -83, both the power, speed and maximum range, are weaker than P-800 a lot. The frigate is used for ship to air missile is the red flag -10, and "typhoon", is equipped with two AK-630, can be said that each one has its own merits. In terms of land attack capability, type 056 frigates can only be bombarded by the main gun, while typhoon "can" strike long distance precision strikes over more than two thousand kilometers. Therefore, from the point of view of comprehensive combat capability, the 056 type frigate with full capacity of 1500 tons of discharge is weaker than the hurricane class.

" but in order to have a powerful weapon, "hurricane" class light frigate
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