Bill Gate is elected as a Chinese foreign academician and is working together with China for the four generation of nuclear power

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zhongguowangjunshi· 2017-11-27 20:33:23

62 years old billionaire, Microsoft founder Bill Gate (Bill Gates), to the United States Tara energy company chairman of the identity of the Chinese Academy of engineering to become one of the 18 newly elected foreign academicians. On

11 27, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced the list of academicians elected by the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017 and the list of foreign academicians elected by Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017. Together with the new, the academy has a total of 66 foreign academicians, long-term entrenched Forbes rich list of the top two Bill Gate is undoubtedly one of the most widely known.

Bill Gate has been visiting China in recent years. The main reason is the promotion of the fourth generation nuclear technology traveling wave reactor, which is proud of Tara energy. At present, Tara energy has set up a joint venture with China nuclear industry group, joint research and development and promote the landing of the traveling wave reactor. The specific objective is to implement the construction and operation plan of small, medium and large commercial traveling wave power plants in different stages in the next 20 years, and to enhance the economic efficiency of commercial traveling wave reactors compared to the existing three generation reactors.

data figure: Bill Gate was elected as Chinese foreign academician of the Academy of engineering.

is one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gate has said he has three ideals: one is everyone has a computer, using Windows system; two is the eradication of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, everyone has equal medical opportunities; the three is to let the poor can clean enough economic power. In 2006, after evaluating all the types of nuclear reactors that have been studied and discussed in theory, Bill Gate chose the traveling wave reactor, and founded Tara energy to develop the technology. The

traveling wave reactor belongs to the sodium cooled fast neutron reactor, and belongs to the four generation nuclear power technology in design. After the formation of nuclear fission, the "traveling wave reactor" promotes the reciprocating combustion of the neutron, forming a row wave form, so it is named. Natural uranium isotope in only about 0.7% can be used directly, but by the traveling wave reactor technology, uranium resources from 30% to 40%, or even 60% to 70% can make the best use of. Compared with other four generation nuclear power technologies, traveling wave reactor can directly utilize spent uranium and nuclear waste that can be simply transformed by

. It can run under depleted uranium for decades, and the waste generated is much less than that of conventional reactors. In this sense, the popularity of traveling wave reactor can reduce the demand for uranium enrichment and reprocessing of spent fuel, reduce the cost and environmental risk of nuclear energy, and greatly reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation.

traveling wave reactor (Traveling Wave)
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