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" 2E missile.

Taiwan "China Times" 26 daily in November, said, "Taiwan has a medium range ballistic missile? When a "midcourse ballistic missile development plan for Beijing and Shanghai was ended", many people did not believe that Taiwan had ever had such an ambitious research and development plan.

outside the "Yunfeng" missile is Taiwan took 10 years and cost NT $8 billion (1 yuan NT $0.22 yuan) medium range surface to surface missile. In the Li Denghui era, the military saw the development of the "cloud peak missile program" as the top secret. The missile program includes two plans, ranging from 1200 kilometers to 2000 kilometers, covering Beijing, Shanghai and even the Three Gorges dam. When the PLA launched a missile test in the

1996 sea crisis, the Taiwan army resumed the development plan of the terminated ballistic missile, and developed a medium range ballistic missile with a range of over 1000 kilometers. Li Denghui was hoping to borrow treasures -2E cruise missiles, treasures -3 supersonic anti-ship missile and ballistic missile programs, confrontation with the mainland. But with more advanced fighters, such as PLA -10, Su -27 and -11, and the modernization of surface warships and submarines, the military strength of the Taiwan Strait has been clearly tilted to the mainland. "Yunfeng" plan shelved in

2014. The missile was tested in 2008, originally planned to produce a small amount, and initially planned to build 10 sets of launch systems, each equipped with 15 to 20 missiles, with a total target of 500.

Taiwan has a total of three R & D plans for ground attack missiles. One is the treasures -2E cruise missiles, second named "Qingfeng plan" is a short-range ballistic missile. Mainly to the Taiwan original "Tiangong" air defense missile development, a range of about 1000 kilometers, plans to produce 100 pieces. Third named "Yunfeng plan", also to "bow" air defense missile based medium range ballistic missile development strategic deterrent capability, plans to produce 30 pieces.

U. S. defense news has revealed that Taiwan began to develop "Tianma" long range ballistic missiles in the 80s of the last century, and began to develop nuclear weapons. But under the pressure of the United States, two projects are suspended. In October 1981, Taiwan's first public demonstration of a range of 130 kilometers of "Qingfeng" ground missiles, "spears" shape imitating American missile. It is also said that Taiwan has developed a "Tianma" ground missile with a range of 950 kilometers and a warhead weight of about 500 kilograms.

1996, Taiwan "," the secret development of tactical ballistic missile. Also, the missile "Tiangong" -2 based modification, a maximum range of 350 kilometers.

from the overall strength of the Taiwan missile, the United States technology and assistance is an important guarantee for the development of Taiwan missile. Without the support of the United States, the Taiwan missile can only be planned and can not be put into actual combat and deployment.

, according to the 26 daily newspaper of the China Times of Taiwan, in November, Taiwan also has a set of missile system development course. 's first homemade missile was the "Kuni missile", which appeared in 1981. This type of missile is a very rare Russian weapon design in Taiwan military weapons. said that Israel had won the war in the Middle East and sent it to Taiwan and copied it. However, after the emergence of the Kunming missile, the Taiwan army did not deploy and become the army.

Taiwan military missile extremely confidential shells when the number of the 1000 km range treasures -2E cruise missile, it also has a name called "confusion outside the fire down shore tactical missile" (TSMFS), has been successfully tested and deployed, but the Taiwan authorities have denied the existence of this type of missile.

at present, treasures -2E two, to glory two anti-ship missile based "subsonic 'treasures' -2E" and the male three supersonic anti-ship missile based "supersonic" treasures "-2E", both in the U.S. Tomahawk cruise missile as the target to develop cruise missile and can be used to attack the mainland coast. "Male" -2E is still very confidential, the Taiwan army has not published data so far, experts evaluate its effective range of about 600 to 1500 kilometers.

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