Papi sauce wants to register its net name as a trademark, and the result is embarrassing.

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"I'm Papi sauce, a woman with beauty and talent.". "

-- two years ago, the woman named Papi sauce (real name Jiang Yilei) was exploded with a red video on the video of a Shanghai woman who was talking about English words.

by this wave, in April 21, 2016, Luo Zhenyu, Xu Xiaoping et al operation, Papi paste the first video advertising shoot high price of 22 million yuan, became a national topic.

after each small (micro signal: nbdnews) mainly to Papi sauce still caused the United States "New York Times" attention last year, the article said: "before the famous comedian

Chinese is often the local flavor rich humor, ridicule is farming, things like eating green onions and Papi sauce, attract is a white-collar, they want to Tucao himself at the age of 39 are not married to do so. "

" Papi sauce (source:

vision China) today, in addition to short video updating fame, Papi sauce into two included her name (Yi Lei) company boss, took a luxury watch and a a brand advertising campaign, also starred in the Peter Chan Sandra Ng film producer, director.

"source: canlux treasure

but also cause the rise of the Papi sauce has recently encountered a dilemma.

papi sauce registered trademark after the rejection of the prosecution was dismissed according to WeChat

public number Beijing intellectual property court known production operations in Beijing "24 news:

by the" Red Net "" Papi sauce "authorization, Tai Yang Chuan Wo culture media Co. Ltd. in Xuzhou a trademark category to apply for registration" Papi sauce "series of trademarks the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, after examination found that a series of application for trademark registration and other trademark registration applications rejected approximation. With

Tai Wo culture media company Yang Chuan Xuzhou, Beijing intellectual property court to prosecute. After hearing the trial, the collegiate panel of the Beijing intellectual property court held that:

one, the goods and services designated for the use of competing trademarks belong to the same group with the commodities or services approved by the trademark, which constitute similar commodities or services. The main distinguishing parts of

two, the disputed trademark and the quoted trademarks are all "Papi", and the defendant finds that its composition is approximate and not inappropriate.

three, the evidence submitted by the plaintiff can prove "Papi sauce" itself as a red net name has a well-known, but not enough to prove that the use of trademark dispute in designated use of goods or services has a higher visibility and can be divided into areas with the cited trademark.

, the Beijing intellectual property court dismissed Tai Yang Chuan Wo culture media Xuzhou company claims.

papi sauce is not easy to want to get the trademark registered trademark

must take precautions, the case of Papi paste trademark registration best illustrates this point. According to soft intellectual property (micro signal: gbicom Papi) analysis, now want to get this paste trademark, it seems not easy. Even if she is famous, even if others may be registered.

look at the following two:

[registration time in early 2016, does not exclude the trademark registered by others in 2015 "Papi sauce" became popular. Of course, some

, confirms the trademark registration time early, and it does not matter what Papi sauce, as follows:

2011 approved for registration, and foreign brand extension to the domestic situation. From this point of view,

, another way for Papi sauce to get Papi trademark, trademark trade, is not easy to go through, even if it can be done, it will also pay a heavy price.

someone dedicated to hot words rush

, similar troubles can be more than Papi sauce a person. Last December, Liuxiaolingtong through micro-blog said "Liuxiaolingtong" the name of malicious cybersquatting trademark, and drying out many Liuxiaolingtong in the name of different products and trademarks, calling for a "west culture" and related classic brand maintenance.

, in addition, through cyber hot words, trademark registration has also become a popular phenomenon. According to each by the small (micro signal: nbdnews) incomplete comb:

2015, as a result of reading the novel "Mi month biography", Zhengzhou 80 guy al Wang 4000 yuan, registered the "Mi month" trademark. Later, a merchant of Shanghai offer 600 thousand yuan to buy "Mi month" trademark, a large food enterprises in Guangdong are more willing to 1 million yuan. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

was raised in August last year

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