Red, yellow, blue "sick listing": how hot is the education investment?

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yibangdongliwang· 2017-11-27 21:38:39

"child abuse" incident made Chinese education concept stocks red, yellow and blue pushed onto the cusp, and share prices plummeted. The United States on November 25th, red yellow blue shares sharply lower, down 38.41%. By the end of the day, compared with the high point in November 23rd, the market value evaporated by 298 million US dollars (about 1 billion 966 million yuan).

after the incident, red, yellow and blue by the media and the public "deep grilled", exposing its listing before the "abuse of children's record"". Therefore, the public has a common question: why can red, yellow and blue be listed in spite of illness?

from the point of view of the capital market, red, yellow, blue catch up with good times.

Beijing time in September 28, 2017, red and yellow blue was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the stock rose 40% in 7 minutes on the same day.

9 23, Chinese luxury first temple library bell of the NASDAQ in the United States, the opening day is below the issue price, as of the closing share price fell 23.08%.

, a VC investor in the education industry, said that a Internet Co listing fell by nearly 30%, while a pre-school education company soared by 40%. The close distance between the 70% shows that the education industry is being touted by the two tier market.

in fact, in the two grade market this year, red, yellow and blue are only one of the Chinese educational concepts that have been touted.

as of November 2017, there are 4 kinds of education companies listed in the United States; and the United States listed China education stocks this year, New Oriental shares rose more than 100%; from the beginning of the year to August 16th split, good future stock price rose more than 150%.

data source: all-weather technology, according to the open data of network, the

is in the primary market, and educational programs are also popular among investors.

education in the field of vertical media wasabi and DDT Chinese jointly issued the "2017 blue book" education industry shows that 8 months of 2017, the market level of education industry's total financing amounted to 9 billion 640 million yuan, the amount of financing case released up to 156; and 5 billion 810 million yuan last year compared to an increase of 66%, 68% increase in financing case.

also, in the last 3 months, financing events for education firms are almost two cases per week.

, so why is capital flooded into the education market this year? What is the basis for investors to judge? How do entrepreneurs in this field think about the development of the industry? All weather technology interviewed Liu Kai, vice president of red and blue Huang, an investor, and a FA institutional investor who has long been concerned about internet education. In view of the negative impact of red, yellow and blue incident, two interviewees called for aliases in.

below is their share of the content: why

outbreak of educational investment fever?

all-weather technology: this year's education projects, especially in the primary market, touted by investors. What do you think of this phenomenon, which causes it?

Liu Kai: the whole background of is that with the growth of GDP, people's educational needs also increase. At the same time, the opening of the second child policy also makes family investment in education further increased. At the same time,

also has three important triggers:

, first, good future and New Oriental's excellent performance in the two market, so that investors can see the outstanding performance of the leading listed companies in the education industry.

second, there are some educational start-ups in the primary market. For example, VIPKid announced that it could earn 5 billion yuan in advance this year, which proved the viability of live training services, the authenticity of its needs and the effectiveness of its models.

in addition, A shares listed companies have a continuous acquisition of the heat of the education industry. These are the hot issues in the education market this year.

Li Lin: , I think there are several reasons for this: first, New Oriental and good future as China's leading education enterprises, in the two tier market performance is relatively good, entered a high-speed growth period.

second, 2013, at that time is relatively hot we are exploring related questions in class and online education mode, and by 2017, in this wave of exam classes inside the company, we are also beginning to go online training realized this road, and there are several financial situation runs very well online. The training and education so that we see the growth opportunities.

third, a large number of educational firms that started financing in 2017, began to announce a large amount of financing, or had succeeded in financing. It also releases a signal that it is likely that they will enter the next wave of rapid growth in the next 3-4 years.

all-weather technology: compared with the education market before and after 2013, what changes have taken place in the current Internet education?

Liu Kai: now the Internet education market is relatively clear, whether to do online education or online education, or buy Education stocks, can earn money. In addition, the education industry has been relatively clear play.

, for example, VIPKid has made the one to one teaching of English live broadcast. Then, others including one door to one, sea breeze education and three good nets can try K12 discipline and online drawing education.

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