How does Wang Junkai worship the goddess Yang Mi?

The movie goddess Zhang Yimou

gaifanyule· 2017-11-28 08:29:05

today, the Chinese film new force hundred people forum was held as scheduled. Wang Junkai appeared in the forum and listened carefully. He was wearing a black suit, the sleeves were red, and he looked very energetic.

" today Wang Junkai had a very good seat. The right side is his goddess Yang Mi, left his brother deer, three people sit together, directly pushed up this picture color value. Beautiful people sit together, for presbyopia cure.

" from the picture, from time to time Wang Junkai and Luhan talking, occasionally shy smile, do not know what is so happy to chat. Oblique behind Luhan was Guan Xiaotong, Guan Xiaotong is taking notes carefully, two people without AC.

" Wang Junkai and Luhan, cooperation for the first time in the movie "the Great Wall", the two seats together film conference, point mapping, both with the box. When Luhan's birthday, Wang Junkai also sent micro-blog to send a blessing. This is the reunion of the brothers, is it in the exchange of heart and soul?

Oscar this laugh look oh, like class chat secretly afraid of being the teacher found the male students, but also quietly Luhan, Mimi chat in the next class where a female classmate?

Wang Junkai and Yang Mi, needless to say we all know, Yang Mi is the goddess of Wang Junkai, was the king of mobile phone wallpaper Chun Kai girl, Wang Junkai dresses immediately after the shoot to Yang Mi, on Yang Mi to send birthday wishes, is many brother Kai, is a fan of boy standard. So Wang Junkai has a lot of adoration to the girl Yang Mi, and his expression is obvious.

" in a daze daze, Oscar this is what are you thinking about, holding the cheek so serious, preoccupied by some troubles look, melancholy Prince possessed?

look at the scene pictures, Wang Junkai and Yang Mi seem to communicate much, but there are many topics and luhan. Do not say, in front of the people who like to become particularly reserved, do not know that Xiao Kai is not shy? However, may also open comparison of boys between, so there are more topics and Luhan may not take Oscar lens and power sister picture exchange. In general, today's little Kay is the winner of life.

Wang Junkai is now a member of the film industry. It's Zhang Yimou's director who takes him into the movie. After the "grief grocery store" on him, let him as a hero. Now, he has a deep study of his own studies at the Beijing Film Academy. Today, he was invited to the film forum again. It has to be said that he can't be separated from the movie, so long as he wants to do it, there should be a lot of parties to find the door.

" you said, Yang Mi, Wang Junkai, Lu Han starring in a movie, the ratings?

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