Jordan Chan is really a variety of match puffs and Jasper

Jordan Chan face to face Z

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Jordan Chan said, super love puff it must have a lot of people all know.

in a few days before the ceremony, Jordan Chan also realized that his wish Pro puff.

at that time Will Liu proposed "to pro Xiaochun uncle a" Puff particularly good kissed her uncle in spring.

" was a small puff Pro Jordan Chan expression, can be said to be very funny haha, he was incredible puff kiss.

" and in the previous period for father link, after Jordan Chan to draw a small puff, meet, the whole face is written with a happy joy, no open principle Chongni mode.

" puff to eat seaweed, Jordan Chan immediately sent up, Jasper will read the silence. No matter what

small puffs, Jordan Chan feel good clever and lovely.

saw puffs with chopsticks, do not know why boast.

also wants a small puff called her father, although it is a joke, in fact, is the truth.

" Puff said I can only drink water, well, put the bottle into his clothes immediately.

" to ask people to return to Taiwan will not miss her, after the little puffs gave a positive response, give him excited!

with puff sat face to face the blink of an eye, the old father is very cute.

also took the initiative to let myself to eat puffs feeding mouth, mouth to eat after a happy face.

Jordan Chan finally puff wrote a letter, no father to do such a thing: "

" affection is too long it, put a lot of friends see cry.

" so, Jordan Chan really want a small puff like daughter.

however, puff is Will Liu, no way...

so Jordan Chan seems like a second way to put her into his daughter-in-law, she began to match and Jasper.

such as the latest "father with a baby", Jasper asked Jordan Chan puff what?

Jordan Chan deceived Jasper said, "she said, miss you. In fact, they did not say this puff...

to Jasper this guy, shy ah, also pursed her lips.

Jasper said, "wait a minute, I can speak a little words with a small puff. "

"tut Tut, Jasper is simple!

and Jordan Chan are all asked Jasper, "you don't love a small puff? "

" that you don't love a small puff? "

asked his son," cute puffs are? Isn't she cute?. "

Jordan Chan also said, " is not willing to talk with strangers. "

" to be my daughter-in-law. " watts?? Jordan Chan soon realized that he was wrong, and then said immediately, "my daughter-in-law!" "

Jasper to help create opportunities and puff play, "you with a small puff to the outside to see. " then put into Jasper puff.

Jasper is still shy at first
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