The world's most eyed educational investors say technology is not a life-saving straw for educational innovation.

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in educational circles, "personalized learning" is probably the hottest topic. At the recent GET Conference on education and technology, the Silicon Valley school foundation of the United States, CEO Brian Greenberg, talked about this. The world's most eyesight education investor believes that the core of individualized learning is to meet the needs of the students regardless of the technology used. In his view, the subversive educational reform was not accomplished overnight, and our goal should be "renewing". The

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picture provided by the respondents in the past

GET Education Conference on science and technology, the Bund Jun saw education industry thriving. In the current era of the Internet economy, the "air" is a very fashionable word, especially for venture capital, standing on the air, also is the flow. If there is a tuyere in the education industry, the AI, VR and other educational technologies are the gust of the wind. Just, wait until the wind passes, what does education leave behind?

, like the "tuyere", "individualized learning" is also a very hot word in the educational field. In the past hundred years, the whole world of education form or large class of learning, students are sitting in the classroom, the teacher on the lecturer. This "one size fits all" education mode is the product of the industrial revolution in seventeenth Century. In order to adapt to the needs of the times, it transformed education into a unified industrial production.

is changing now. Educators all over the world realize that standardized learning is not able to cultivate children who can cope with the future. So personalized learning has become a life-saving straw.

but in fact, our definition of personalized learning is very vague, or we have a narrow understanding of personalized learning. The CEO Brian Greenberg of Silicon Schools Fund told the Bund Jun's exclusive interview that the core of personalized learning is that no matter what kind of innovative education mode, students' needs can be met.

Brian Greenberg

as of now, the Silicon Valley school foundation has 40 innovative schools under the money for charity, known as Khan (Khan Lab School) is one of the. According to Greenberg, the educational models of these schools are different, but they are basically exploring individualized learning programs suitable for students.


technology with personalized learning teaching in a classroom, there are a lot of teams. One group, people use iPad to learn; the other group, people cooperate to do a project; there is a group, teachers and students to communicate together. Then all the students can rotate different groups between different groups to experience different learning.

" this is Greenberg to invest in a Silicon Valley innovation primary school, the primary school education is the site rotation type (station rotation), which presents a personalized learning Greenberg appearance in my mind.

in such a learning environment, the individual needs of the students can be met. If we can really consider the needs of students in education, then we will think about these questions: is there a better way to impart knowledge than class? Is there a better way to organize students by age? Is there a better way for students to learn at the same speed? "," Greenberg says, "all these problems are combined to build a picture of personalized learning."

, but we can see that in personalized learning, we can often see the figure of technology products. Many education and learning institutions equipped with advanced scientific and technological equipment also label their teaching models as personalized learning. Greenberg explains that this is where a lot of people have misunderstandings about personalized learning. Taking the network learning platform Coursera as an example, it realizes the innovation in education through the network teaching.

Greenberg believes that this is actually a Blend Learning, which is to incorporate technical assistance into regular classroom learning. For example, a group of 10 - year - old children listen to a class in class and listen to another class on line. "a lot of people will confuse the personalized learning and blended learning, we can learn to use mixed mode, but this is not necessarily the personalized learning model". in other words, the institutions that have packaged the educational model into individualized learning are actually flickers because of the technology.

" in Greenberg's view, the personalized learning is a certain demand, a group consisting of students, there are different needs of the students in the other group, the students to learning or cooperative learning, then there is a teacher in the group counseling. At this time, technology is not the most necessary part of their study.

does technology have a role in education in the end? It's an old saying, it works, but it's just a tool. Greenberg used drugs to make an analogy, and he thought the role of science and technology for Education

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