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xinlangkeji· 2017-11-28 15:48:43

11 28 afternoon news, a plus 5T in the domestic official release. As early as half a month ago, a plus 5T held an overseas conference, but today, Liu still gave more answers to the new product. For example, what is the advantage of using postposition fingerprint identification, photo technology, and the price of the final national version of 5T? As for the details, we look at the following.

sellers show aspects of the beginning of the press conference, Liu zuohu share some data over the past year, such as: one plus the first half of 2017 sales of simultaneous growth of companies with the highest; in the third quarter of India high-end market share of TOP2, the line of high-end market share TOP1. Of course, the good reputation of the overseas market is still fermenting.

, as a matter of fact, is not a stranger to new products and 5T, which has been published overseas half a month ago. The new machine was officially launched in North America, Europe and India in November 21st. The 6+64GB version is priced at 499 yuan (3300 yuan), and the 8+128GB version is priced at 559 yuan (about 3700 yuan). So what do you want to say at this national conference? Liu Zuohu said, this will probably want to talk about some main contents:

" conference

1, why do full screen

2, how to understand the OnePlus industrial design, OnePlus < /p>

3 5T camera

4, fortunately which one and how to pursue the first user experience

the problem stems from a few years ago, Liu Zuohu in an interview on "post fingerprint design" has had a lot to the generation of a Tucao; plus 5T "full screen front + rear fingerprint identification", Liu Zuohu claimed "some face".

is the real machine making plans face because of the advantages of full screen. One plus 5T uses 6.01 inch 18:9 screen, and the screen occupies 80.5%. Liu Zuohu said Samsung S8's full screen experience is very good, so that it can make up for the gap of post fingerprint. In addition, one plus 5T still did not give up for post fingerprint brings problems; in face recognition, has his unique place, and the 5T is equipped with a AI face recognition algorithm of this company, compared to the previous, we now face recognition according to the 128 characteristic values to unlock, unlock speed is only 0.4 seconds.

Liu Zuohu said: one plus 5T may be the fastest phone in the industry's face recognition.

skipped the design and took pictures, and the scene described that a plus 5T had a great increase in the portrait and night racket compared to the previous generation.

's idea of photography is "perceptual expression of technological innovation". Translation is to use technology to improve the beauty of photography. This one plus 5T hardware adopts 2000W (SONY IMX376K) +1600W (SONY IMX398) pixel postposition double shot, portrait mode training, by the international photographer Kevin Abosch cooperation, using Xiaolong 835 pixel selection technology. In addition to emphasizing the background blur, more emphasis on the part of the analysis of coke and natural beauty.

" on camera

the composite algorithm, a 5T more emphasis on night purity, shadow detail and high light inhibition.

then the next 5T integral parameter: one plus 5T with 6.01 inch Samsung OLED display, resolution 2160× 1080, the aspect ratio of the screen 18:9 screen accounted for 80.5%; equipped Xiaolong 835 processor, equipped with 6/8GB LPDDR4X +64/128GB UFS2.1 memory storage; the battery capacity is 3300mAh, support Dash flash charge; the camera. 5T has a 16 million pixel front camera, rear dual camera lens combination 2000W (SONY IMX376K) +1600W (SONY IMX398), aperture F/1.7, support 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. In addition,

plus 5T has made foreground Display Optimization for "the glory of the kings" and the new game, "wilderness action", which is likely to take the place of "the glory of kings". Liu Zuohu said it was a performance flagship, and other mobile phones couldn't be surpassed.

" limited edition color

plus One more thing has also prepared and launched a limited edition red plus 5T 4th anniversary; chose the red, because this is also a plus brand color. The new product is consistent with the standard version on the hardware, although it is red but the color is closer to the neutral. Liu Zuohu said it was a color matching for the Chinese region, and the sales volume would not be too big.

" on the price

price link, one plus 5T 6+64GB version is priced at 2999 yuan; the 8+128GB version is priced at 3499 yuan; the red edition hardware configuration for 6+64GB. New products will be on sale in December 1st, red version of the release date of December 17th.

Sina mobile phone red edition price comment: the second half is full screen mobile phone must complete a year, or even just a few days ago, a breath of pushing the eight mobile phone brand. Obviously, for a year to update a version number, actually launch a plus of two mobile phones, this time to push.

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One plus 5T domestic official release: 2999 yuan is a small surprise

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