After the full screen 2, the millet MIX problem comes

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jikeshijie· 2017-11-28 15:49:19

recently, online exposure of a group of suspected millet MIX 3 prototype design, we can see that in addition to the four border, it is almost done 100% screen cover, no chin and forehead, it is also worth noting that MIX 3 also added a back screen.

" can be seen, in order to achieve the coveted "100% full screen", MIX 3 give up the hole in the front, the earpiece and all visible sensors are placed in the back of the fuselage, is estimated to make up for the lack of the front camera, back at the same time equipped with a screen, convenient user self.

"is called positive full screen, full screen

of course, the idea of a design prototype but on behalf of millet MIX 3, are used in production machine is not sure. In fact,

, "double screen" design is not new, once Russia's gift mobile phone YotaPhone is to use "double screen design LCD+E-Ink ink screen" is famous, but considering the MIX 3 is to make up for the defects of self, so the screen great chance is used in color screen.


"although there are many users said they did not believe that MIX 3 will have to design such a radical, but considering the" full screen "era, perhaps millet MIX series really need more aggressive in order to maintain their brand advantage.

full screen era: gradually lose the advantage of the MIX series

2016 in October 25th, when the Lei Jun took out "when full screen mobile phone MIX" concept in the millet new conference, immediately stunning many people, that the real protagonist Tony Leung and his endorsement of millet Note 2, are ignored.

" in the strict sense, millet MIX may not be the world's first "full screen" mobile phone, but there is no doubt that the domestic "comprehensive screen" concept is popular because of MIX, "to" full screen as a keyword, the Baidu index began to rise in October 26th, the day before, MIX is released the day.

" in addition, MIX ceramic body, cantilever pressure adding ceramic sound guiding technology, ultrasonic distance sensors and so on electricity, also let the new slogan "millet" lasso black technology become more persuasive, millet again, what "born to have a fever.

" but a year later, again MIX 2 seems to have had amazing increased slightly in the black screen edge and the design of some compromise, let MIX 2 from the concept of machine has become consumer products, like whether the technology writer Peng Lin said:

out on the subway, has no MIX 1 as to attract the eye.

"stunning enough MIX2

in my opinion, another important reason is that the concept of" full screen "by the vendors to play bad. In fact, after knowing that Apple had to use the news of full screen, the manufacturers began to do the "full screen" mobile phone vigorously. If the screen ratio was slightly higher and the screen proportion reached 18:9, they would claim to be a "full screen" cell phone.

millet MIX 2 is "full screen 2", then I will "fully screen 2.1". If we notice a little bit of their conference information, we will find that even the preheated posters are similar to each other.

" in this regard, Luo nuts PRO 2 conference had such ridicule:

in a mature business communication, when all companies are "full screen" concept to publicity, if we don't use the word "full screen" there will be problems.

of course, Luo did not want to because of hard hot rub instead of their propaganda means always adhere to the "honest", so as to use the 2 PRO nuts "not full screen full screen" named "Almost" full screen, estimated that many mobile phone manufacturers see this wave of mocking face green.

"unique" Almost

"comprehensive screen however, although most domestic manufacturers lack of innovation, but the ability is definitely an ability to follow suit. According to micro-blog's certification as "the internal auditor of the national quality management system", the digital blogger @ duer exposed that domestic vendors have already applied for new patents on the full screen. From the perspective of appearance design, the patent looks quite similar to the "bangs" of iPhone X.

"source: micro-blog users @ section Rui

can be predicted," full screen "is an inevitable trend, after solving the supply chain production capacity and technical barriers, domestic mobile phone can be used."

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