One plus 5T built-in face unlock one plus 5 users can also enjoy

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ITzhijia· 2017-11-28 15:49:55

With the full screen design of

, more and more mobile phone manufacturers are starting to add facial unlocking features to their own products. This afternoon, a Canadian flagship will also be released this year, plus 5T. From the opening of the foreign media, the product will not only use the popular screen design this year, but also add the facial unlocking function.

" one plus one plus 5 5T

believe that many old users are concerned about whether they can use this function, judging from the current official did not seem to forget them. In the update of Android 8 Beta 2, we can see that one plus 5 will not only support the function of facial unlocking, but also enjoy the new UI design of Android 8 and other more humanized new functions.

Android 8 Beta 2 OxygenOS support face unlock

although one plus one plus 5T and 5 did not carry the same as iPhone X was the original camera, but its function is still not easily unlock facial photos being confused, a Canadian official also continued improved face recognition algorithm, make the function more useful. Now foreign OxygenOS has joined this practical function, and perhaps it's just a matter of time to use a face unlock on the hydrogen OS.

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One plus 5T built-in face unlock one plus 5 users can also enjoy

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