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brother, don! "Although the girl on the back seat of the van again for the Shandong Juye County Public Security Bureau police station Tian bridge at the age of 17 auxiliary Yu Jie, or the deputy director of Zou's hands with his mobile phone to the car video shot down. After

, Jay sends video to the Internet, triggering the attention of the Internet users and the media. According to the legal system Evening News reported in November 28th, the auxiliary police were sentenced to 4 months in detention for 4 months and 6 months in probation by the court of Juye County, Shandong province.

was once the police from Beijing Bo trial lawyer well-known lawyer Liu Bojin said, the police do not have the right to check the car, the car belongs to personal privacy, the public power has no right to intervene.

girl three "big brother don" for police still took the car video outside the

2016 in December, a section entitled "a pair of Yishanbuzheng women arrested by the police car" video in WeChat Shandong Juye County Friends of heat transfer.

video shows a van parked on a small field road. A man wearing a uniform and jeans is driving back door and back seat. A man is pressing on a woman.

woman suddenly frightened her, and begged the uniformed man: "Don. "Two people raised their pants in a panic.

at this time, the man in uniform said, "open, open, record, record. "

car man set up almost still suffering from the shock," brothers, brothers, have nothing to say. "

's video at this time, the girl who has been locked in the back of the van. Girl three: "eldest brother, the two. "

said to the man in uniform:" this kind of thing, we see more day by day, absolutely will not give you what to say to the outside, absolutely will be secrecy. "

"video source: Legal Evening News

the whole length of 3 minutes and 31 seconds, there is a general uniform man.

later, some netizens pointed out that the video was taken in Juye County, Heze, Shandong.

video is spreading more and more, and many media reports about it. In December 23, 2016, the media from Juye County Propaganda Department confirmed that the video Department of Juye County Tian Bridge police station police security inspection record and leakage, afterwards has been expelled from the police. For the video shoot time, someone's police number, why the car, there is a formal investigation officers led the problem at that time, the staff members of the police to provide News Limited "as an excuse not to reply.

police when he was 17 years old was found guilty of breach of privilege probation in January 18th

2017, the police on suspicion of the crime of breach of privilege, Juye County procuratorate bail.

2017 in June 15th, Juye County procuratorate prosecution yuce. The Juye County procuratorate appointed a deputy chief procurator to appear in court to support the public prosecution. The

court found that Jay was a young man born in 1997. One day in 2014 the evening of November, Yu Jie with Juye County Public Security Bureau deputy director of the police station Tian Qiao Ni Cai Fang in the implementation of security inspections, at the intersection of State Road 327 line Juye section of Tian Qiao suspicious vehicle inventory, in Ni a schematic, Yu Jie to use their own apple 5S mobile phone, the scene of a for the men and women are having sex in the car were recorded.

kit did not follow the arrangement to completely remove the video, and in September 2016 the day and the night will be forwarded to others of the video, the video on the Internet, have been several media reports on "Juye County Bridge police station car leaked video" title, resulting in adverse social impact. In the

court, Jay had no objection to the facts and charges of the prosecution of the public prosecution. The "Regulations on audio recording in the field of public security organs", audio-visual materials, media reports and Internet screenshots are all evidence of the case.

after the trial court found that Yu Jie as the public security organs Association, during the law enforcement, without involving personal privacy to video and audio data leaked out confidential record in the process of law enforcement, resulting in the video and audio transmission by a number of news media reported on the Internet, resulting in adverse social impact, their actions constitute the crime of breach of privilege. In view of the fact that

Jie1 voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, the discretion of punishment. In August 16th,

2017, the court of Juye County, Shandong Province, was sentenced to 4 months of detention for 6 months in sentence of abuse of power.

police car and shoot video leaked country has occurred on the

reporter noted that the police shot the car video and online dissemination of adverse effects, such events have occurred frequently in china.

2015 in December, a number of hot video "SWAT" on the car and brutal enforcement of the transfer. The video showed 1 minutes and 59 seconds in length. In a quiet and open place, men and women dressed in a special police uniform and holding batons were brutally interrogated when men and women were dressing clothes.

video does not deal with the faces of men and women, and the number of the car's license plates is clearly visible by the two people.

2015 in December 21st, the staff Xuecheng District Public Security Bureau, the Zaozhuang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of foreign responded that the video of the Swat patrol police department, the Commission has treatment.

2016 in August 30th, Hebei Guantao County, a woman was shot and the auxiliary police car leaked video, to the county police brigade serving pesticide Dutch act.

according to the Handan police, in July 2015, the Guantao County Patrol Police Brigade, auxiliary police Wang, and so on in 309 countries

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