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guanchazhewang· 2017-11-28 15:53:02

Taiwan media reported in November 27th that some of the Taiwan military and intelligence facilities that were once screened by Google earth and Google map are now clear on the above platforms. Therefore, there is a "Standing Committee" that requires the "National Security Bureau" to coordinate with Google, so that the sensitive facilities should be put on the code quickly, otherwise the related budget should be cut down. However, "Guoanju" explained that the United States now said satellite image satellite image supplier supply market competition, shielding is equal to cut off, and the satellite image providers also rise, Taiwan can take them no way.

2016" in the United States "business insider website" video shots, "SSD" is Google satellite image coding

" now in Google satellite images, clear according to Taiwan's "united as sweeping

news" reported that on the morning of 27 Taiwan "Legislative Yuan foreign and defense committee considered the" National Security Bureau "budget, DPP legislator Zhuang Ruixiong proposal," Guoanju "should be coordinated to Google, on the satellite image shielding" Guoanju "buildings and facilities otherwise, to cut the budget. The coast guard has been coordinating with Google on Taiping island in Nansha, but there is no following. This "Guoanju" explained that since 2016 to reflect the requirements of shielding Google, but Google kicked the ball to the satellite image providers, "Guoanju" went to the satellite image of supplier DG company, but the company responded that the satellite images of fierce competition in the market, not in accordance with the requirements of the code or remove. The company also further pointed out that now the mainland satellite image providers such as Tian map, Sogou and so on have also risen. These suppliers will certainly not buy "NSA" account. Therefore, the "State Security Bureau" is only required to continue to strengthen the security maintenance measures to correspond to the camp. However, the interpretation of the NSA did not satisfy the legislators. The final result is that the NSA budget has been cut down by 400 NT dollars and the 880 NT NT has been frozen.

observer network military commentator said, has always been the Liberation Army activities "under control" of the Taiwan authorities, on their own things are not hindsight, while Taiwan's green camp legislators who are more insensitive. With the various means of collecting civil information in the mainland today, even the ordinary people can casually check the "confidential" facilities of the Taiwan authorities and the Taiwan army. In December last year, relying on open channels of information gathering folk "of Taiwan's armed forces deployment diagram" caused the island exclaimed, now things quickly for a full year, the Taiwan authorities and the green camp legislators who do not have this forgotten?

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