The ambassador was scrambling China smashed cars in France, why not report?

France bankruptcy pollution car

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The WeChat public issue of

video studio WeChat released a video interview with Zheng Ruolin, a former Chinese law reporter in Fudan University, in November 27th, to discuss whether the French / European crisis really exists. In the interview, Zheng Ruolin mentioned the past of the Chinese ambassador and a vice - level leader who was robbed in France.

is the original video :

my father is a very famous translator of French literature, I read my father's translation of the book since childhood, such as Hugo's "93 years", Balzac's "disillusion" and many other works, like some of the writings of Sutter.

, in a sense, Europe is a kind of ideological enlightenment for us, especially in nineteenth Century, for example, Hugo's humanitarian played a very good role for us against colonialism, Chinese many great men have had the experience of studying in Europe, Zhou Enlai, or Deng Xiaoping like the painter Xu Beihong. The composer Zhu Jianer and so on. So Europe has a special meaning for us.

we talked about Europe today with such an obvious paradox that " Europe is deeply in crisis ". There is a deep crisis in such rich places in Europe, which has a great impact on the Chinese people in thought. In fact, has two views on "whether there is a crisis in Europe", and one view is that Europe has a crisis. A typical example is the famous CCTV reporter Shui Junyi said in an interview a few words: G20 when he went to Cannes to interview, the domestic media said that Europe is in crisis, and The people are destitute. incredible, but he went to Cannes at — — blue sky the shop in the hotel are in the streams of people busily coming and going, eating a meal, people in the enjoyment of life, which is what the crisis. Where there are no poor people in the world? What does he mean? Is there a poor man in Europe? Yes, but which society does not have the poor? But there is no crisis in Europe. I was in Cannes, too. Cannes, the richest place in France, is a bit difficult to find in Cannes to find the crisis in France, .

Shui Junyi's words mean that although there are poor people in France, there is a crisis and no exaggeration. Indeed, his words have some truth, because we always think about the crisis of uncultivated land, The people are destitute., people are starving. Because this is the time when we have encountered a crisis in China, and a country like China will really starve to death. If you talk about a crisis in Europe and want to try to give someone such a phenomenon, it's really wrong. It's not like that.

video screenshots. When there are some problems in Europe, we will consciously or unconsciously find reasons for them. For example, the poisonous egg event occurred in Europe recently (July 2017): the egg produced from Holland was contaminated by insecticide (fipronil). This fipronil was listed as an intermediate toxin by WHO. After the pollution, these eggs have been sold to 16 European countries and have been greatly affected, and it has become a scandal. When I was in Europe once met a lot of similar food safety issues, mad cow disease or Perrier (Paris water) famous mineral water scandal, later to sell beef hanging horse meat scandal, many scandals, but we often or casually reported to be what is not reported . After this poisonous egg came out, our media interviewed an expert. This expert said you should not exaggerate. Actually, this is not poisonous eggs. The exaggerated eggs are just a little bit of influence.

, but when our milk powder has a little problem, or there is gutter oil, it will report the sky all over the world, it seems that every drop of our oil is a waste oil. Strangely enough, the expert had to admit that the hygienic standard of eggs in China is stricter than that in Europe, but he said strict is the same thing, but many of us do not execute it, so whether our eggs are safe is not necessarily. This is very strange, this is called that Europe does not speak, Europe's shortcomings, so that we don't know what is happening in Europe crisis.

I think Europe is facing a very serious crisis of , a very simple reason is that when a family he earns less than his expenses, income and insolvent when , we will think the family is facing the brink of bankruptcy, even bankrupt, this is a lot of France and Europe the country faces the reality. Fillon, a former French Prime Minister, said this in a public speech. He said, "I am a bankrupt head of government. I am a bankrupt state leader." What does his word mean? It's very simple. If France is a family, he has been forced to declare bankruptcy, and he doesn't pay for it.

France's public debt has reached about 2000000000000 euros, and a French baby has not done anything. He has already owed 30000 euros.

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The ambassador was scrambling China smashed cars in France, why not report?

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