The apple store has a "casual visitor": the girl was scared senseless

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-11-28 15:53:54

according to foreign media reports, a brother of Canada to the apple store to buy things, the "after entering the shop assistants are scared of cardiac arrest, the little brother Cos the late apple CEO Jobs is simply insane.

the apple store to the position of the uninvited guests (picture from Baidu

) exposure of the photo, wearing a black turtleneck and jeans, wearing gold T a middle-aged man in glasses carefully looked at the hands of the iPhone mobile phone, from the side view, like the reincarnation of Jobs. In fact, this photo was taken at the apple Apple Sotre retail store in Eaton center, Canada, in December 2016, a Cosplay of Halloween.

is known to play Jobs, a friend named Sean Wilson, from Ottawa, Canada. There was also a video from a netizen. When Sean Wilson entered the door, the security elder brother greeted him, and even the shop assistant sister could not stop shouting, "this is terrible.

all right, get together and feel.....

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