The new headquarters of the Tencent is unveiled today: the landmark of the Twin Towers building!

Tencent Shenzhen Z

ITzhijia· 2017-11-28 15:53:56

as early as February 2015, IT's home reported the Tencent's new global headquarters base in the seashore mansion in Shenzhen. Now according to the news of the Tencent administration, the Tencent new headquarters Binhai mansion will be officially unveiled in November 28th.

Tencent Binhai building is located at the intersection of Shenzhen Nanshan District Science Park, Houhai Avenue and Binhai Avenue, with a total investment of about 1 billion 800 million yuan. Binhai Tencent building covers an area of 18650 square meters, equivalent to 3 Tencent Building, which includes a 248 metre high 50 floors of the south tower, a 194 metre high 41 floors of the North Tower and three connecting two towers and set the shared facilities in the internal connection layer". It will be the new landmark building in Shenzhen. The main concept of the Tencent Binhai building after the completion of the

is to create a "interconnected" building. This "interconnection building" symbolically represents the connection of connecting to the Internet each remote corner of the, and through a tangible building in a more effective way than the traditional high-rise buildings to employees of the Tencent together; at the same time as a city is open interconnection zone, Shenzhen high tech Park visual portal.

in the new technology aspect, Binhai mansion access control system has used the face detection technology developed by Tencent excellent map team. It can achieve the brush face entry, employees do not need to swipe card, and the record of foreign personnel is more comprehensive. The elevator can be selected by mobile phone. There are indoor basketball courts, indoor badminton courts, indoor rock climbing, indoor air runway, even the constant temperature of the swimming pool comes from the residual heat of the IT computer room.

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