The world's first insect bread is out of the oven. Guess what the raw material is?

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, according to Reuters, Fazer, a well-known food company in Finland, launched the world's first insect based bread on Thursday. The price of each bread is 3.99 euros, twice as much as that of ordinary bread.

insect bread, rather like nuts bread, directly put insects in the bread, instead of grinding the frozen cricket into powder, mixed with other ingredients such as wheat, making flour, and each bread will use 70 crickets.

Fazer Bakery | figure from: R & D department Marset

Fazer company Juhani Sibakov said: "it can provide high quality protein source for consumers, but also can facilitate familiar insects as food materials. "

photograph: Reuters

student from Helsinki Sara Koivisto after tasting said:" I did not have what difference, this bread taste like ordinary bread. "

Sibakov said that since last summer, Fazer has been developing this bread, but it has been waiting for the government to pass legislation.

this month at the beginning of the month, after the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Denmark, Finland became the sixth lift sales ban on edible insects in Europe, the bread can also get listed.

currently, Fazer wants to buy cricket flour from Holland, but the company says they are also looking for local suppliers.

because of the limited supply of crickets, the first batch of insect breads was sold only at 11 bakeries near the capital Helsinki. But the company plans to supply all 47 stores under the flag by next year.

as a matter of fact, edible insects are common in all parts of the world. Statistics from the United Nations in 2013 show that at least 2 billion people are eating insects and more than 1900 species of insects are used in food.

is also optimistic about the market for people's appetite. According to the data of market research firm Global Market Insights, it is estimated that by 2033, the market of edible insects will increase from 33 million to 522 million US dollars.

in western countries, edible insects are very popular in specific markets. We have done some related reports. From the cricket farming farm, to the cricket flour, to the cricket food, the insect business has formed a completed industrial chain in the United States.

among the many edible insects, why do people choose crickets in succession?

Kevin Bachhuber founder of cricket farms said he had planted tomatoes, compared to "Cricket only 1/30 water and 1/25 feed, this might mean that I only need to pay half of the money to start my career this cost benefit is too attractive, i. "

biochemist Aaron T. Dossey's writing on TheScientist also provides a good perspective: every 100 grams of cricket contains 20.5 grams of protein, and the same weight of chicken and beef contains 25 grams. But if the cricket trunk was compared with the beef jerky, the protein content of the crickets was 22% higher.

Cricket Flours cricket flour company founder Charles Wilson concluded that their target consumers are mainly three categories: because the fitness or exercise needs a large number of people, because the protein requirement of gluten allergy and other allergic symptoms in the diet in the diet, the cricket identity as a protein source can save resources and protect the environment of the people.

but for westerners who eat the bread as a staple, Fazer's insect bread may make crickets go to more ordinary people's tables. This article is reproduced from

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