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haoqixinribao· 2017-11-28 17:05:23

"opening the first day of the passenger flow of about 2800 people, to tell the truth is not what we expected. "An employee superspecies Wujiaochang store said that the night before they are all in the complex reasons, there may be pre marketing is not in place, may also be employees are not familiar with the business," the table turnover rate is not enough".

super species is Yonghui supermarket began in January 1st this year launched the "high-end supermarket + fresh food" for the new format, and last year the Alibaba's being touted as a "new retail benchmark" Xiansheng box horse is very similar, the same is labeled as a "Red Net" label.

11 25, which is on Saturday at the Wujiaochang Wanda out of the store is the first store in Shanghai, but it is super species into sixth city, which is in the country out of the eighteenth stores, Yonghui plan is the end of the year to open 6.

the rapid expansion of the new format, the founder and chairman Zhang Xuan. Assume it is the "future drainage, achieve the important responsibility of network", is the real super Yonghui for important layout in the future competition.

super species is 2 years since the establishment of the Shanghai Yonghui branch Yonghui yunchuang incubator project, has now formally opened stores, "here is because of fierce competition, the boss wants to be sure". But on the first day of the opening ceremony, details may be a bit rushed. For example, when the strange payment teaching video on the big screen on the store was replaced quickly on Sunday, the roof of the shop leaked again.

a lot of people living in Shanghai may not be familiar with Yong Hui, this company is half a month ago the market value exceeded 100 billion yuan, a supermarket, the earliest in 1995 (when not called Yong Hui) opened in Fuzhou City, this year, Yong Hui just over fifth China Bailian Group, become the supermarket retailer, after Gao Xin (big retail RT mart, Auchan, Huarun company) vanguard, WAL-MART and carrefour.

according to Euromonitor, the top 10 companies in 2016, retail market share China, Alibaba and Jingdong in 7.5% and 3.5% of the share of the top 2, vip.com ranked seventh, the rest are offline retailers, but only Yong Hui (0.3%) and Suning (1.2% market share) improved.

super species is of concern, and is considered to be Xiansheng box horse, retail and online integration

feasibility of new mode of the traditional super enterprise has long been the topic of considerable news appear, Yonghui super is a species.

in the rapid expansion of super species at the same time, Ma Xiansheng has put the box store expansion to 23. They are placed in the "new retail" category and much concern. In addition to the novelty of the model,

, more importantly, is 3-5 times as much as the traditional supermarket. According to a report Haitong Securities issued in September, the two super species "opened the first conservative estimate of average daily sales of 10-25 million, first full channel marketing partner Lin Xinhui told us that" the data low "," super species is currently the best shop on the day more than 600 thousand single peak, the average daily passenger flow 6000-7000, customer price between 90-150 yuan. But she refused to disclose the current overall operation, saying that it was still in the adjustment period.

as "the best shop" is true, this means that super species has more than Xiansheng Ma Ping effect box. Compared to the area of at least 4000-6000 square meters of box horse Xiansheng, super species rarely more than 1000 square meters. Although the

business ideas behind the different - box horse Xiansheng CEO Hou Yi "that horse is a box of mobile providers" in real sense, with the line to solve the traffic problems of fresh supermarket entrance mobile providers; super Yonghui species is more like a traditional business of "how to get young people to the supermarket" thinking of the solutions.

, but both have proved a possibility: in some areas, the drainage of online stores and the feasibility of sending them to the surrounding area have greatly improved the scope of the supermarkets.

in the real retailing is affected by e-commerce, but the online cost is also getting higher and higher, both sides seem to think such a model will be the way out for the future.

"super species" represents the traditional supermarket innovation, Yonghui, for young consumers instill new high-end supermarket brand impression, there may be more important for

is "I box horse fans today come to experience, because I heard that the (super species) and a pack of horses. "The afternoon of November 25th, we are super species in Wujiaochang store dining area met a couple, they are eating the" dragon "workshop produced a freshly made Boston lobster, 79 yuan 500 grams, a processing fee of 10 yuan, is cheaper than the seafood market.

" probably because on Saturday, the securities industry Ding specially with his mother came in from Pudong experience, "market", her first feeling is that there is no box Martha near home, daily necessities are very few, almost all is fresh and food.

but in addition to those already heard in the online super species customers all day, Wujiaochang store shopping guide to nearby residents rushed to (especially the elderly), or accidentally wandered here consumers explained, this two storey, 700 square meters, is a super city and restaurants along the street store what is the.

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