Taiwan "five star flag Iron Guard" ring on the island: peace and unity

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channel TV news November 28th, hold high the flag around Taiwan Island initiated by the Taiwan people's Anti Japanese Association ", pondered the Anti Japanese hero", 21 day of departure from Taipei, in a clockwise direction riding around the island, all the way to the East riding, after Hualian County of Sioulin Taroko Anti Japanese monument in Taitung County, the Anti Japanese Amis the monument, arrived in Tainan city in 26, Yu Jing area Tapani Japanese memorial.

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"flag Iron Guard members, sponsors Jianxin Zheng said:" Taiwan is ruled by Japan before 51 years, these people sacrificed their lives, now more and more people in Taiwan agree with the Communist Party, a lot of people began to understand that Taiwan is the hope of the future cross-strait peace. We hope that by the island, we know that our ancestors came from the mainland, and we hope that the Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits can support the peaceful reunification. "

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today nearly 200 kilometers away from the Iron Guard relay to ride bicycle every day, inserted in the rear and on the back flag along the road to attract a lot of attention. "FLAG IRON guard member Huang Zhiwei said yesterday, a pedestrian came to Fangliao, passing people dedicated to roll down the window and asked myself what was, he answered loudly said:" I'm a Taiwanese, I support the peaceful reunification ", the other is for yourself.

" next, "flag Iron Guard" will continue to go north, visit Changhua Baguashan Japanese Memorial and Hsinchu Peipu Taiwan Anti Japanese hero Jiang Shaozu monument, and plans the next call for more people together to promote the idea of riding around the island. Although it is hard to finish the task around the island in 9 days, the participation of the masses indicates that if we can make more people agree with the peaceful reunification of the two sides, this arduous journey is worth it.

" which is more than half a year, in the southern region has not only a five-star red flag picture. In mid August this year, in Tainan City, the new camp appeared "response" Laiqing "Pro love" activities held up flag activities.

" at the beginning of October, the five-star flag in the Taiwan people's party headquarters, cross-strait Chinese shared the Mid Autumn Festival activities.

in Kaohsiung earlier this month, the Taiwan retired military and government organizations in Sun Zhongshan's birthday anniversary, launched to the green camp on behalf of the people Liu Shifang protests, there are people in Taiwan with a flag to the scene.

" is such a change, it is because there are many people in Taiwan have begun to "Chinese Cai authorities continue to act to" rebound. The links between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits are not cut off by the "go to China" by the Tsai authorities.

channel TV commentator Huang Weihan believes that the five-star red flag in Taiwan, represents a transition of Taiwan society, "flag Iron Guard" island activities have caused a discussion of some people in Taiwan, the expression of the people of Taiwan for a China expectations and future vision of "unification" "only" two or there will be more fierce collision, "unification" voice of the future will be more bold truly reflect, also hope that the two sides can eventually unified.

channel TV commentator Wang Hongzhi believes that the five-star red flag appeared frequently in the Taiwan society, is very happy to see both sides of the phenomenon, first of all, this reflects the outcome of cross-strait exchanges, cross-strait exchanges this year is 30th Anniversary; second, it also reflects the soft the strength of the people of Taiwan are increasingly recognized by the mainland, although there are ups and downs in the cross-strait political relations, but once opened the door to the exchange of folk, is unstoppable, at present, the people of Taiwan to the mainland of the misunderstanding and hostility was decreased; third, it also reflects the society is a pluralistic society, both sides is soluble in blood the water of the same flesh and blood.

(Strait TV Zhang Yuzhen, Gao Ruixiang, Zhong Jian)

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