Almost hopeless settled in India, U. S. aircraft carrier will be unsealed dismantling

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yuhuo· 2017-11-29 00:42:11

, the rapid development of China's naval fleet has made the US Army aware that the situation has changed. Accordingly, the most popular one is the development plan of the 355 warships. Now the US is studying the specific implementation plan. Because the construction of the new ships are not permitted in the finance and production capacity, so in addition to restart sealed battleship idea, Perry class frigate, have a choice: the Kitty Hawk - the army last conventionally powered aircraft carrier, if we delay Nimitz retired, so the future is expected to have 12 aircraft carrier fleet.

Kitty Hawk

no matter how to say, Kitty Hawk is a very good choice, the standard displacement of 60100 tons, with a displacement of 86000 tons, in addition to Nimitz, and the latest Ford level, there is no greater than its carrier. So far we can not make such a large aircraft carrier, so people still envy.

the ship captain 323.8 meters, 76.8 meters wide ship cabin, more than 2400 ships, and 6000 crew members, can carry the fuel reserves of 7800 tons, reserves of 5800 tons of aviation gasoline. It may be a disadvantage to use conventional power calculation, but 4 steam turbines can guarantee 32 knots, and 4000 /30 knots and 12000 knots /20 knots. In fact, it was in service until 2009, which showed that the US Army was quite satisfied with it.

the flight deck of the ship is 326 meters long, 76.8 meters wide, a total area of 16592 square meters, with a total of 4 of the catapult, can be equipped with various types of aircraft more than 70 aircraft, and aircraft carriers in service than, not to mention the gap between how much.

, maybe you will think of one thing, the Kitty Hawk is almost settled in India. Allegedly, in 2008, the United States has provided the Kitty Hawk "free" to India, is just a joke, if Jack, how can sell it? So after retiring in 2009, the hawk turned into a storage state, arguably better than the other sealed aircraft.

now, after checking the US Army, it is considered that the cost of its closure is too large, mainly because the ship is too old, it has actually served for 47 years, and has been idle for many years. In the small hawk grade ship, there is a bad ship condition, which has to be decommissioned in advance and finally disassembled. After the evaluation, the US Army believes that it is impossible to serve again! The U.S. program is quite reasonable to give up breaks, but also equal to the future not only has 11 aircraft, compared with 355 of the total size of the ship, a little low. Now Kitty Hawk because unsealed hopeless is about to split into scrap metal, the military has decided the dismantling of the ship, the relevant program has been started, it will soon be towed to the scrapyard!

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