Jasper wants to take out to see Jordan Chan scared

Jordan Chan ZA

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-29 01:46:17

" according to Taiwan media reports, the two generation Jasper 4 Allen recently followed father Jordan Chan in "Daddy where the 5" soft, adorable character beloved, recently the program group exposed a Jasper and dad from the hotel when I saw sadness and fragments. Grandpa separated from him, followed Jordan Chan to the elevator, suddenly turned back to Grandpa, Jordan Chan a look of displeasure in the elevator at the sight.

Jordan Chan had revealed in interviews in the past, their position in the son's mind is very low, but also behind Cherrie Ying, father-in-law, mother-in-law, because when the couple go out to work, is responsible for the care of father-in-law Jasper, in the middle of dad should accompany Jasper more, not only will match up, even the baby grandson diet is hand care, so Jasper should be feeling better.

, however, did not broadcast footage from the day before the release of the program group can see this point, starting at Jordan Chan with his son, they and Cherrie Ying, and the father-in-law of one family in the hotel in Jasper, a very good mood, his mouth also sang English classic songs "Beautiful Sunday", the grandmother, the public and mom are very join in after he finished applause, but Jordan Chan's side does not have any reaction, just quietly waiting for him to sing.

later, before he went out, Jasper said goodbye to her mother and her grandparents, and the expression of his father's face drowned, and all had been taken. Jasper seemed to be very reluctant to go to the elevator when he walked to the elevator gate with Jordan Chan. He suddenly turned around and rushed back, shouting "Grandpa" was closely embracing with his father, and then returned to the elevator under the urge of his grandfather.

, however, Jordan Chan, who was waiting for his son in the elevator, had a face on his chest. He seemed to be very impatient. The Jasper who had rushed into the elevator was shocked. Jasper face a frightened look, let users see could not help laughing deficit, "Jasper saw his father said," Jordan Chan in the elevator position is really too much like a cellular phone ", but there are a lot of people said to see the interaction between Jasper and Grandpa, are melted.

, in fact, Cherrie Ying used to show in the show "happy camp" that little spring and grandpa's feelings are really good. Sometimes Jordan Chan will eat his father's vinegar, so he will be angry with his son Jasper. "Don't forget who is your father! "Let's see this scene should be dad scared silence.

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