Gao Yuanyuan Nicholas Tse "bees" continued to play "in a hurry that year"

Nicholas Tse Gao Yuanyuan Nicky Wu Li Ai

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"national goddess Gao Yuanyuan moved to tears choked several times"

" Nicky Wu Nicholas Tse to join the special coach Gao Yuanyuan to watch the girls perform

debut sprint "bee girl team" soon moved to Macao

Tencent entertainment news tonight, "honey bee" collective team moved to Macao, ushered in the first round of "debut sprint battle", "national goddess Gao Yuanyuan airborne scene, and Nicholas Tse not only continues the" front "is more 12 a bee girl sent gifts and personally teach red carpet tips, attracted the audience screaming. At the same time, the brutal competition system re invasion, lost a party will have to face the same team PK situation, and ensure the safety of the whole team, girls negative pressure before, only to struggling to stroke, with no regrets. < p > Nicholas Gao Yuanyuan "bee" renew front goddess for the injured girl leaned to wear shoes < tonight, national goddess "Gao Yuanyuan airborne" bee "live show not only and had cooperation Nicholas coach renew front, more gifts for the girls to send their elaborate design and personally taught the secret of the red carpet:" enjoy the show smile, captured the hearts of the photographer. "See the goddess received gifts, 12 honey bee conceal inner joy and excitement. When choosing a gift, has been on a neutral style dress Chang Yu bold choice the woman flavour is dye in the wood of black stilettos, wujilong see such a breakthrough attempt can not help but thumbs up said: "Chang Yu, I admire you, great! "< subsequently," special coach "Gao Yuanyuan of 12 girls were on the red carpet guidance, the scene laughter constantly, in one side of Wu envy quipped:" we are without the participation of opportunity. "Voice just fell, see one side of Nicholas Tse unexpectedly imitate the young girl walked the red carpet, but wonderful except Xiao performance let Gao Yuanyuan and the girls were laughing. And when was wounded in the leg of the "long team" girl Wan Ting Zhao said they want to get rid of the wheelchair, tried to walk a red carpet, Gao Yuanyuan is personally approached the arm and its attached wearing shoes, warm heart to encourage: "you can do it! "<" submachine girls team "alternative interpretation" that year a hurry Nicholas carefully choreographed by Li AI ridicule < tonight, "bee" first debut sprint the war officially started and examination to enter the final stage, the cruel competition further escalation. Before a big exam, honey from two teams have been selected from each of the teenage girl in the pending position, and lost the game the team will once again produce a dangerous girl, two people are cruel and team battle, low comprehensive votes girl will lose the opportunity to debut. In the face of the opportunity to debut in close proximity, to be determined by the pressure of young girls, injured girl Zhao Wanting for the entire team to complete, but also to the wheelchair, the strong stage and smile to complete the whole show. < p > the exam for the first time using two interpretation of the assessment of the same song, in the face of a gentle love song "that year a hurry, Wu Xie Tingfeng two coach for color painstakingly, creative stage in the rack one's brains. The Nicky Wu team playing nostalgic fresh kill, the perfect interpretation of the "rush" that year, all the people into the youth love memories. And Nicholas Tse team is ingenious use between the human and the robot poignant love alternative interpretations, the girl of the charge performances that has been known for teacher to coach Xie rare showing a happy expression. And when Li Ai asked: "see the light in your eyes, you are also touched? "Nicholas Tse hesitated for a moment and said," this time, I'm very strict. "Li Ai witty response:" some people have sung, others sing of course, to sing about the same line ah. "Two people's exciting interaction moment to defuse the scene of the tension.

a different interpretation of the song, the two versions of the "in a hurry that year," who is more popular? Gao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse's continued leading edge and will be staged what kind of story? All wonderful, all in tonight's 21:55 Zhejiang TV, "bee girl" battle of Macao!

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