Li Jiacheng is going to retreat again? "I can't run, I do not want to run, but I can't run."

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this morning, the media suddenly in the network issued a document that Li Jiacheng would have been in the office of Shantou University fund delisting. According to the report, Li Jiacheng has always funded several colleges directly, refusing the school 's "funds to pass through the school and then to the college". In order to recruit professors, teachers or organize activities in schools, schools should first approve the neck of the college through school approval, and the two sides can not agree on this issue. Li Jiacheng has to withdraw.

later released the bulletin by Shantou University. "This is a false report. Just a few staff members of the Li Jiacheng Foundation Office transferred it away. The work of the Li Jiacheng foundation in Shantou University has not changed. Phoenix technology network published the article "Li Jiacheng retreat from the Shantou University Foundation Office delisted" inconsistent with the facts, the false reports to retain the right to resort to the law. "

"it is understood that the Shantou University is the Ministry of education, Guangdong Province, Li Jiacheng foundation to build three public university, founded in 1981, is the only privately funded public universities. The school has been well-known patriotic and international well-known entrepreneur Mr. Li Jiacheng's help, the Li Jiacheng foundation of Shantou support payments is expected to 2018 will be more than HK $8 billion.

" from the beginning of 2002, every year the university graduation ceremony, Li Jiacheng will visit, give a message to the graduates. As is known to all, Li Jiacheng's support for the Shantou University is "a promise to transcend life".

"AI is very important. Conscience is the lamp of achievement dignity and existence." in June 27th

2017, the annual commencement ceremony of Shantou University. This is the sixteenth time Li Jiacheng stands on the Shantou University commencement address. This time Li Jiacheng's graduation speech theme to "life": "I am 90 years old next year, also know that life One aims for the far-off future., I was young, Youth passes as a fleeting wave.; going through difficulties and trials, I deeply know the growth of the road is not very easy; in the high growth opportunities in the waves, the fool saw the stone, the wise see spring. "Li Jiacheng confessed.

Li Jiacheng believes that fools know only "to do", and that the wise man has the power to "become" (to do) (to be). Fools often complain, become hidebound is forced out by the system, service, cAMP binding, unnecessary and overelaborate formalities can not withstand the pressure is expected to breathe; they are eager to win at the starting line, hope to have a superior combination of rich dad with talent, that people can change the world, Hiromichi complex and helpless twist too weight, "Tao Hong can" certainly more comfortable. Such a state of mind that they have "lost on the starting line".

will work discipline is perseverance will prevail. Li Jiacheng has repeatedly said: "each to become a dancer, daily mirror, not afraid of tired, Guyingzilian, but not afraid of pain, over and over again, the pursuit of the perfect light correction techniques, self internalization. Last year I and one for many years in the service of Shantou University teacher dialogue, as I thanked him for many years diligently cultivating students, the teacher quoted the words of Wang Yangming: "thousands of St. all over shadow, but my conscience". Conscience is the light of dignity and the meaning of existence. "

Li Jiacheng said he worked twelve hours a day for the past more than 70 years." I must learn from work. " According to reports, Li Jiacheng has maintained two habits: one is before going to sleep, must read, non professional books, he will focus, if related to the company's professional, even more ugly, he will read it; the two is after dinner, to watch the TV English ten to twenty minutes, not only to look, but also follow said loudly, because of fear of falling behind.

is also very concerned about Li Jiacheng, a science and technology frontier. In his speech, Li Jiacheng mentioned that the following complications are not think do not want and no sense of ignorance, in the era of artificial intelligence will never pass; basic driving Langzhe, always be sensitive, fast as fast, have independent thinking and understanding, can use the imagination to reality, data and information the new. This speech mentioned the need for thinking in the era of artificial intelligence, in the early 2011 graduation ceremony he revealed: "in the past year, my great effort, trying to understand the evolutionary algorithm in perplexing the truth, because I hope to understand the development of artificial intelligence, and its significance to the future. "For more than a decade of

, Li Jiacheng has made an appointment every year to convey to the students of Shantou University the feelings of more than 80 years of life and rain. Responsibility, thinking, self-discipline and ideal are the important themes of all the time.

"in the past few decades, the nickname for me was" the richest Chinese richest man ", which was a very complicated taste. "In

2013, he confessed," in the past few decades, the nickname for me was "the richest of the Chinese," which was a very complicated taste. "

according to public information: in July 29, 1928, Li Jiacheng was born a teacher's home in the street line of the north gate of Chaoan County, Chaozhou, Guangdong. At the age of 5, Li Jiacheng in his father Li Yunjing under the guidance of Confucius worship Confucianism into Guanhai Temple Primary school. In July 7th

1937, the Japanese War of invasion of China broke out in an all-round way, and the Japanese army bombed Chaozhou in 1938. In June 1939, Li Jiacheng, who was just reading junior high school, went to Hongkong with his family and a family.

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