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chaping· 2017-11-29 10:18:16

recently heard a lot of bad friends complaining, why does the iOS system do not have a good and convenient function of cutting long maps like Android?

in fact, a long time ago, we have recommended a very good use of the iOS on the long graph. (but I believe we can't remember too many friends).

, because the function of the long cut is sometimes very, very important, so let's talk to the bad friends again. Friends who have been downloaded can also leave a message for a long time.

Tailor, this cut length diagram can be said to be tailored for lazy cancer patients. After the

cuts the picture, open the Tailor and it automatically identifies the captured picture, and then generates a long picture that can't see any of the spelling interfaces in a flash!

, you can see that using this artifact screenshots, really do not need to choose their own stitching!!! The only thing

has to do is just a screenshot! Tailor can automatically identify these pictures to help you connect seamlessly! The actual effect of long

Tailor interception finished is about this:

" but poor friends need to pay attention to is: the recognition mechanism of Tailor is to find some of the same between the two images, and then identify splicing. Enter the picture description

, so the poor friends in the screenshot must be careful to keep the same part of the two pictures!

would otherwise be identified by Tailor as two illogical photos that could not be stitching.

, finally, only one key to share or save to the photo album is OK, but using the long cut captured by Tailor will leave a small watermark on the tail.

is very concerned about this poor watermark friend, you can also use WeChat's own image editing function to cut it off.

said one sentence: the world of super screenshot application has been used for nearly a year, and now it is in the mobile phone in the ~

super lie "system is not good, for the

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