Indian border soldiers were asked to delete the APP, such as WeChat, to prevent "spies".

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huanqiuwang· 2017-11-29 10:22:04

" [global network reported] "the India times" reported on 29 November, India security department has ordered the border along the line of actual control (LAC) of India soldiers stationed to remove some of the mobile applications, such as WeChat, micro-blog, Truecaller, UC browser and mobile phone on the UC news, or re format the device, to prevent "from the other side of the border to spy network". India officials said that before the proposal was issued for officials and other level personages, it was speculated that foreign intelligence agencies, especially the intelligence agencies in China and Pakistan, are using these mobile apps to invade smartphones and steal data.

said, near the line of actual control in the China India border 4057 kilometers long, India has deployed the army and as "the Indo Tibetan border police force" the central armed police force. The India armed forces have taken into account the increasing number of espionage attempts to make regular orders to ensure that all personnel can ensure the security of the network. India speculated that spies would invade smartphones and computers through malware.

, a India official, said: "the security department in India wants the entire staff to ensure the safety of the mobile phone, whether it is official or personal, and the computer is the same. The security department will release such warnings and suggestions from time to time, especially for mobile applications and electronic devices in China. For example, the India air force had asked all officers, pilots and their families not to use millet smart phones and laptop computers, because such devices were considered to be able to transfer user data to remote servers located in China. The

report also said the latest proposal is on the occasion of high vigilance on both sides of the real control line. After 73 days of tense confrontation, the two sides ended the confrontation in August 28th. (internship compilation: Fan song Mei review: Tan Liya)

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