Three years of sharp decline in sales of 8 billion instant noodles were defeated by takeout

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shangjie· 2017-11-29 12:31:53

when the sales of instant noodles began to encounter in Waterloo, is the domestic online ordering scale rapid expansion period.

, love, see, Korean friends know that Koreans like instant noodles besides kimchi. See the TV characters in the Xilihuala like eating noodles every time, are very attractive. At this time, you can not help but also to buy a packet of instant noodles, eat a bite of the discovery, difficult to eat.

recently, the sales of instant noodles, Chinese continued to decline, companies complain incessantly, since 2013, Chinese sales of instant noodles from 46 billion 200 million down to 38 billion package package. In South Korea, the total demand for instant noodles has been rising steadily in the past 5 years.

why are we more and more do not eat instant noodles, instant noodles and South Korea demand and sales but growing? Now, instant noodles are labeled unhealthy, low-end label, but the cause of instant noodles don't sell, is it really so simple?

and the State Council also found this point. In September this year, the general office of the State Council released the opinions of the general office of the State Council on accelerating the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture and vigorously developing the grain industry economy. In the opinion, "

vigorously develops convenient food and frozen food."

China 3 young sold 8 billion bags of

instant noodles at night, burning a pot of boiling water, with rising heat and smell to eat a bowl of instant noodles, which is once you work overtime, you lazy or catch the train you often encounter scene. Statistics from the

world instant noodle Association show that in China before 2013, the scene averaged 40 billion times a year, and the instant noodles consumed by the Chinese people were equivalent to half of the world's total consumption. In 2011~2013, the annual sales of Chinese instant noodles increased from 42 billion 470 million packages to 46 billion 220 million packages.

, however, this continued, steady rising trend was a turning point after 2013. In

2013~2016, the annual sales of Chinese instant noodles fell from 46 billion 220 million packages to 38 billion 520 million packages, with a decrease of 16.66%. The development process of

, which is developed by the word "V", is also more intuitively reflected in the main instant noodle enterprises in China. For example, everyone is familiar with the master.

Kangshifu instant noodle is the best in the domestic instant noodle industry, its changing trend is almost the "barometer" of the instant noodle industry. The company's annual report showed that in 2006~2013, the revenue of Kang master's instant noodle plate increased from $1 billion 52 million to $4 billion 332 million. In ~2016 2013, revenue of the plate fell to $3 billion 239 million.

not only that, but the whole instant noodle is not better on the lower and lower days. A dealer with instant noodles revealed that a box of 24 packages of Kangshifu bagged noodle was collected from Kangshifu manufacturer at 46.5 yuan ~47.5 yuan, which was converted to 1.98 yuan per package, and the terminal sales price of commercial super store was 2.5 yuan / bag. "A packet of instant noodles can only make 4 cents, not the sales, not only do not make money, and even lose money. "

Zhao Ping director of CCPIT International Trade Research Institute of the Ministry said that the decline in sales of instant noodles behind is to change people's consumption structure. "Compared with the original idea of eating enough, the consumer needs a healthy diet at present. "

is indeed," instant noodles are stigmatized by the Internet ", and the convenience and convenience of transportation may have some impact on the instant noodle industry, but these are obviously not the key factors. Only when

is replaced by other commercial models, such as convenient, fast and cheap instant noodle, its market position will be influenced by the dominant position.

, the "other business model", is the fast - rising takeout industry just before and after 2013.

network ordering scale of 6 years up to 8 times the daily economic news reporter random

on the side of the 10 friends made a survey, among them, 50% of respondents said that more than 1 years without eating instant noodles; 70% of the respondents think that instant noodles is not health food; and 90% of the respondents had online ordering experience.

when the sales of instant noodles began to encounter in Waterloo, is the domestic online ordering scale rapid expansion period.

source: photo network since the year of 2012, the size of online ordering market has increased rapidly, with an average growth rate of around 50%. Among them, this is in sharp contrast to the turning point of the century in the domestic instant noodle industry in 2013. Since

2015, the growth of the online catering market has slowed down, but the scale has broken hundreds of billions, reaching 125 billion 30 million yuan. In 2016, the size of the market was 166 billion 240 million yuan, which was still up 33% over the previous year. Wang Yaohong, a former vice president of

Baidu takeaway, told a daily economic news reporter that the rapid expansion of online ordering has undoubtedly struck a cross-border strike on the instant noodle industry.

is highly similar in its functional properties, whether it is a instant noodle or a takeout. But the network ordering model is not only more convenient and faster than instant noodle, but also the choice of consumption is more abundant and the taste is more diversified. The core advantages of instant noodles are almost completely replaced.

as a rising star, where is the advantage of takeaway? Where is

1? Passive consumption and active choice

? "In the past, buying instant noodles is to appease hunger, and it belongs to passive consumption.

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