Want to play with the "GT racing Sport" photography model, you have to know these things first


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photography like cooking, making group provides more than 1000 carefully chipped dishes and very fresh material to you, and you have to do is pick the dish with which fish, fish ass decided which direction, if there is no cooking confidence, that is the best way to eat steamed, if you want to change the taste then, I will talk about how to feed it. This will be through the white balance,

filter (mask), black point and chroma, color channel, shutter, aperture six picture adjustment tool to make a brief analysis on photography mode, as for several other non dominant mode adjustment tool elements, so don't do that.

" panel value screenshot

this map is temporary for this section before and after the shooting, with 2 minutes, the vehicle and the scene is the most rapid random selection, rapid changes in the atmosphere of the picture through the color temperature and atomization.

: shoot ideas make the whole atmosphere from the yellow to blue screen is more refreshing and cold, blue and blue car

background, suppress other colors, the color temperature adjustment quickly the overall picture atmosphere cold,

color (blue) filters, and remove the other to retain the blue color, at the same time enabled vehicle mask keep the vehicle color, and then adjust the color

atomization, restore some scene

tool Description: white balance in the game can quickly adjust the overall atmosphere of light and shade, although fast, but not fine, suitable for pre fixed call.

: color temperature regulating temperature tone, fast changing scene atmosphere

color: Green atomized to the left, right

: warm exposure correction to adjust the exposure degree of light and shade, but not numerical is too large, easy distortion

2 minutes out of a map, indicating that the game provides a highly sophisticated shooting scene, vehicles, light adjusting system, coupled with a simple 3 step effect in a short time to let game player shoot a good picture effect, but it also shows that the of these normal shooting style photos, can tap the space and time investment limited , will be a wide range of assimilation, so I called by several different the style of several other tools to.

filter (mask)

" stack effect, no mask

. This is the panel game recommended the photos show, the color filter by superposition full color contrast is higher, the body reflection reflective light.

shooting train of thought:

protrudes the night market to improve the light sense of the vehicle.

scene is the Hongkong night market, to further enhance the festive atmosphere, the scene to orange color direction, choose color (red) filter will retain the scene red, then adjust the high light red channel (the next section will illustrate the range of high light and red) to improve part of the mask with the vehicle part removed so as not to affect the vehicle color, reduce the details and improve the dark spots reduce the scene. The

Effect 2 filter uses to flush (green) to suppress the whole red part and improve the blue.

filter with cross flushing vehicle (green) to further deepen the blue light body, and can retain some red


filter: the game offers 16 kinds of filter, the 2 filter layer, do not understand the impact of each filter principle and effect filter use is one by one to try, choose the fit of your picture expected, and then further adjust the details of

: is the mask mask, the black part does not show the effect of superposition, white display superposition effect, the gray part according to the gray scale display

single text from above, is a bit messy. The interference is eliminated, the main shooting skills is of 2 kinds:

according to the scene and the vehicle is expected to determine the style and adjust the direction, and then superimposed filter to fit your expectations, set the tone, and then adjust the other details of

expected style, one by one with the filter superposition effect, to confirm their love, then adjust the other details further amplification effect

approximate case:

" next page: black spots, midpoint and chroma color channel &

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