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Navy General flight skills

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author Shu Yue Feifei editor. Zhang Wei

shortly before, a new round of people's Liberation Army (PLA) Jin Xian ceremony kicked off.

5 6 pm, the Navy held a major general promotion ceremony in Beijing. First came with the political circle (WeChat ID:wepolitics) to see, the Chinese Navy's new Jin generals who?

11 by the Navy rank of Colonel promotion for officers of the rank of major general:

assistant chief of Naval Staff Wang Dazhong, East China Sea Fleet equipment department minister Dong Kai Wang, 92403 army commander Wang Zaijie, political commissar of the Zhai Yongyuan, 91668 garrison commander Wang Jianxun, division of 92730 units make Yuanlin Qingguo, 92493 Army Deputy Commander of the Chen Yihao, political department director Wang Shouxin, University of engineering training department, Ang Lee, political commissar of the Dalian Naval Academy Fu Yaoquan, Submarine Academy, political commissar of the Zhou Minggui. Zheng

know circle (micro channel ID:wepolitics) noticed, the rank of rear admiral corresponding level is navy is military and Deputy corps commander, by the Central Military Commission approval is granted. For general Shouxian, which is within the system event, reported that, Admiral Wu Shengli, read signed by the chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping promotion rank order, political commissar of the Navy, China conferring ceremony presided, other major Navy leaders also fully unveiled. < p > senior military commanders, such a life of glory, when on the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy General, what is their attractions? < p > in the understanding of the story of several, financial knowledge circle (micro channel ID:wepolitics) found, the generals indeed "kitted skills", from their executable tasks can see, they are "hard ability".

Wang Dazhong

"flew to heaven, rate of ship can break the sea"

in June last year, Wang Dazhong first assistant chief of naval staff the new duties to debut. < p > he had long in the North Sea Fleet service, successively in Jinan destroyer, Harbin ship, Qingdao ship served as vice captain, Captain and captain of post practice. Destroyer Harbin, known as the first ship of the Chinese Navy, is of great significance to the Chinese navy. April 2015 the

however, the origin of the star fleet is not the most interesting place for Wang Dazhong. "God into the sea," the ability to make Wang Dazhong was considered to be the promotion of "special". Wang Dazhong from the pilot to embark on the surface of the ship's leadership positions. In September 1987, Wang Dazhong and), Bai Yaoping, Matti Lehtonen, Wang Zhongcai, Wang Yucheng et al together after a rigorous assessment of the cream of the crop of become the first captain of the pilot classes students. < this group not only flew to heaven, and energy ship Red Sea "of the high military command personnel, is now naval forces of senior officers. For example, a classmate Wang Dazhong) served as the first captain of the Chinese aircraft carrier platform, 2015 and to the South Sea fleet, deputy chief of staff of the identity as "9· 3" parade Marines amphibious assault vehicle team leader debut, the captain of the pilot classes was widely reported in the media. The ability to command the compound

2000. The modern navy "published an article specifically written Wang Zaijie. At that time, He Ren East China Sea Fleet submarine detachment XX submarine captain. Reported that, at the beginning of 1998, as the military quality is comprehensive and excellent excellent captain Wang Zaijie, was ordered to form a new submarine team and served as captain. In the face of high degree of automation, new technology intensive, a number of international leading new equipment, he did not do nothing, but with a strong sense of responsibility and urgency, leading the whole boat men and men in the new job to dry up. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" know you know, light is the cabin of the heat and noise, ordinary people can not bear. "In order to learn the whole boat, his height 1.78 meters drill through the submarine nooks and corners, summer cabin temperature near 40 degrees, each from the submarine climb out is a sweat a body oil, while in winter, all the mechanical and icy, and humidity is big, he fell long chilblain problem. Wang Zaijie finally on the whole boat equipment are aware of, and overall command and control of the whole ship automation system, won the reputation of 'universal' captain. "

since then, Wang Zaijie has also been appointed to take over the other new type of submarine. He in the training methods and tactics on his own way. He does not rely on the anchor training base full load continuous day and night training system in the whole team to get promotion, so that the submarine to the sea can really become a separate battle fortress".

is a new equipment, training and did not stop, still need to improve combat assessment. At that time, Wang Zaijie performed a lasted more than 20 days of continuous sea long endurance training, use this opportunity, for his implementation tactics reform has accumulated rich navigation and actual combat experience and worked out a set of attack will grams of modern submarine battle path. This road that is more complex, but there are a number of political knowledge circle (micro channel ID:wepolitics) to see clearly, when his tactics through practical exercises and analysis, the chance to defeat the enemy reached more than 80%. At the end of

1999, Captain Wang Zaijie through higher assessment group on the boat training assessment the final hurdle, marking the boat for nine months on completion of training, preliminary formed a fighting force. And at the same time, the Wang Zaijie the "top ten naval ships long" once again become the Navy's central figure - a new type of submarine completed fully excising the fastest captain.

2014 years of winter, the Marines spanned maneuver thousands of kilometers, first went into the establishment of Beijing Military Region, a training base to carry out cold weather training, exercise global operational capabilities. Zheng Jun noted that the Navy's new mission and the figure of Wang Zaijie, he served as deputy commander of the cold. The training is the Marine Corps was farthest, the longest time, put a cross training action most of the troops.

Wang Jianxun

master two foreign languages has been the rate of ship global navigation

91668 garrison commander Wang Jianxun overwhelmed in conferring sequence.

public information display, he served as the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy destroyer squadron leader of a destroyer detachment, the East China Sea Fleet deputy chief of staff. In October 1997 was named "top ten naval ships long title.

article on alumni Wang Jianxun inked a lot. He is a modern navy guided missile destroyer, the young captain of a Navy top ten ships long ", the first was finished at the beginning, the grade Naval Academy training captain. It is worth mentioning that, Wang Jianxun master two foreign languages, had a number of visits to the army, participated in major exercises. From

2015 to 2016, Wang Jianxun as a commander, successfully led the Ji'nan ship, Yiyang ship and Qiandao Lake ship more than 800 officers and soldiers completed the escort and universal access missions. Successful visit to Sudan, Egypt, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, the United States, Cuba, Mexico, East Timor and Indonesia 12 countries 13 ports and technology call Australia, m52300 sea voyage.

fleet victorious return < / P > < p > Wang Jianxun / > driving the return of the ship, the Navy, Admiral Wu Shengli, in the ceremony to welcome the fleet of the high degree of evaluation to the task, he said formation created people's naval fleet a mission for the longest time, sailing in the waters of the broad, general longest range, access to national most, Sino foreign joint exercise, and so on up to the number of records, fully demonstrated the excellent naval modernization achievements, and the officers and men of the military and political quality.

Fu Yaoquan

served as political commissar of the personnel carrier

see this, you have found, these new Jin general each all is compound talents, rich experience and military capability worthy of praise. < p > listed above are all examples of military officers, in the promotion of the 11 senior naval officer and four is political officers, more than one-third. Zheng Jun told today to tell you about one of them, Fu Yaoquan political commissar of the Dalian naval academy.

Dalian naval academy has a number of cattle have been introduced above, the political circle (WeChat ID:wepolitics) to say two sentences. At present, the Dalian Institute of ships for the Navy trained 50 thousand military commanders, emerged nearly 200 generals. The current navy commander admiral Wu Shengli is the college graduates, who served as president of the alma mater. Last year, the college political commissar Fu Yaoquan took office.

Dalian Naval Academy < Fu Yaoquan have rich offshore sailing experience. In 2014, Fu Yaoquan participated in the 17th escort fleet, as the East China Sea fleet of the political department, deputy director of the formation and political commissar of the lead missile destroyer Changchun ship, missile escort ship Changzhou ship and comprehensive supply ship Chaohu ship, dozens of formation carrying helicopter frame 2, commandos, officers and men of the task more than 810 people. < / P > < p > Army / > also have to disclose an interesting detail, Fu Yaoquan in warship formation for a weight of 100 kg four Sergeant long small high weight loss, Fu Yaoquan "from the beginning of the escort, every afternoon exercise are to pulled him on. At first, small high did not run a few laps and take a break, but eventually in Fu commissar patient persuasion persisted. "

Fu Yaoquan < p > in this voyage, he long yellow new partner with the vice chief of staff of the East China Sea fleet, completed a total of 43 batches of 115 vessels and ship escort mission, special escort for the 17 ships, ship WFP ship escort, has participated in the naval vessel and rescue the missing crew, rescue of the Italian fire merchant ships and other actions. < p >, it is worth noting, in search and rescue Malaysia Airlines flight operations, Fu Yaoquan formation of temporary ordered an emergency sail, long-range, long-range strike more than 3500 nautical miles, executive task of Indian Ocean search 370.

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