Behind the infighting, what is the ambition of the thunderbolt?

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aifaner· 2017-11-29 19:02:09

" public decorum, mutual accusations, this infighting thunder really become a drama. Between slobber and fists flying, sensitive capital market also made their own choice.

US east time on November 28th at four p.m., the price of the day of thunderbolt reported $18.58, a 11.57% decline.

, which is a sharp contrast with the previous months' boom. You know, in the past month, the share price rose five times over 20%, the highest reached 40%. Since July this year, the stock price has increased 5 times.

but the capital market has always been a ruthless, and it truly reflects the expectations and views of the whole market for a company. Such as the recent hot red yellow blue kindergarten child abuse, in the event just occurred, the stock was once a blue yellow red cliff cut down the middle half fell; but after the survey results released last night in the police, their price and quickly picked up more than 20%.

in the stock transform curious and changeful, we can also study to the operating status and development prospects of a company.


11 infighting on 28 at noon, the thunder suddenly issued a notice, called thunder financial (i.e., hummingbird Finance) thunder game, easy credit, thunder thunder thunder is love trading data and business, business, not the thunder's business, the thunder has formally withdraw thunder big data the company and its subsidiary company's brand and trademark licensing requirements, and the complete cessation of any use of the trademark of the thunder. "

at the same time, the thunder still its official website and products in full line on the thunder big data companies and subsidiaries to" business "brand the title of the show, thunder flow entrance etc..

this paper a bit sudden announcement to let the public feel strange at the same time, also "outraged" by the "thunder subsidiaries to disassociate themselves".

then, thunder thunder official named big data companies in the public responded, "big data and the thunder thunder company under the jurisdiction of the financial and other subsidiary is approved by the board of directors approved the establishment of the thunder, and the thunder investment stake in the company, the right to use the trademark and flow of resources conservation agreement, does not exist the withdrawal of the brand that will continue to identify financial big data business and thunder thunder. "

"they also said that the rumors from the thunder CEO Chen Lei, because of his thunder big data companies unwilling to carry out the play off illegal activities in the currency is complicit, took advantage of his position to take revenge. As a matter of fact, he played the game of currency business without using any block chain technology. It is a fraud against the 7 ministries, illegal exchanges, illegal groups pyramid selling, disguised ICO and illegal fund-raising. "

by the 28 night, the conflict between the two sides has escalated again. Thunderbolt official once again issued a response to deny the thunder big data company proposed "Chen Lei unilaterally rumor" behavior, called "the first response is the company's behavior in" under the guidance of the board of directors of thunder, thunder thunder to have big data company sent a lawyer's letter, the full use of the thunder to stop any trademark; at the same time, will be about CEO Chen Lei and thunder group based on the fact that the prosecution for libel and slander. Shortly after the

responded, a new round of US stock market transactions began. Because of the impact of the "internal conflict" incident, thunderbolt share price falls, the loss is heavy.

is perhaps the capital market in order to appease the mood, the 29 day morning, the thunder and the board of directors of the company issued a letter to all shareholders of the dispute in the letter, make clear the controversy, said the play off currency business in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the state, from the beginning in mid December this year, will also use the real name system to curb the illegal trade.

also mentioned that the board of directors and management have maintained a smooth communication in the company's strategy formulation, organizational development and decision-making in major business matters. The board of directors has full trust and authorization for Chen Lei CEO, and also has a benign supervision.

so these a few rounds down, you come to me to "defense" truly staged a rashomon.

all funny money to play with?

there is a view that the thunder was released the first "pre emptive revocation of brand licensing announcement, is eager to distance themselves from the big data and thunder and related subsidiaries. The reason may be that recent financial regulators are tightening control over net loan services such as cash loans, and the business is related to the latter.

sounds very reasonable. After all, the changes in policy have become a major factor affecting the decision-making and development prospects of Internet companies. But when the "dipper" progressed to the next stage, the two sides of the debate focused on something called to play the coin.

playing guest coins is a new product that thunderbolt launched in October this year. According to the official introduction, this is one.

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