Millet 6 finally upgraded Android 8! The news is so exhilarating that everyone is celebrating and spreading it to the rest of the world

Millet Android Z

shoujizhongguo· 2017-11-29 19:02:31

for domestic mobile phone manufacturers, customized Android system has become a normal form, and the advantage of domestic mobile phones compared with international brand phones is often better localization of the system. Under the premise of customization, the underlying version of Android appears to be less important. But not all of the users are not sensitive to this, and all the vendors should be chasing new ones. The day before, millet 6 users came the good news, Android 8 is finally coming.

Xiaomi 6

, as we all know, the official version of the "8" has been appearing for several months, and now there are many domestic new machine adaption. And according to the news that the netizens are exposed, millet 6 will also usher in this good. MIUI has already recruited the Android 8 user in Xiaomi 6 in the official forum. According to previous practice, it will not take long for all millet 6 users to have Oreo. As for other millet phone users, it may be a little longer for a while.

, according to millet official recruitment information, users who meet the conditions can apply for experience. The official announcement is as follows: on the 22 th of

8, the official version of Android O system is released. The codenamed Oreo and MIUI development group also carry out the adaptation work at the first time. The 6 priority of this millet handset ushered in the Android O version of the upgrade! What are the surprises and expectations of MIUI 9 based on the Android O version? Here, we all millet 6 mobile phone users to send the invitation, give priority to with your early adopters of "Oreo" dessert, experience is not the same as "MIUI 9"!

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