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Frigate supply ship Navy Taiwan

guanchazhewang· 2017-11-29 19:07:18

[observer network synthesis], according to the news of Japanese defense ministry in November 28th, the twenty-sixth batch of escort fleet of the Chinese Navy went north on the eastern coast of Taiwan 28 days ago, and then returned to mainland China via Miyako Island island eastern waters.

integration staff supervision department website screenshot

28 on the morning of 6 pm, the MSDF escort belongs to "sixth high" (TA Ka Na wave construct) frigates, and 5 aviation group belongs to P-3C maritime patrol aircraft, in the East China Sea Island, 100 km east of Miyako Island identified 2 Ship PLA frigates and 1 supply ships, to the northwest.

integration staff supervision department of the people's Liberation Army announced 054A class frigate Huanggang

integration staff supervision department of the people's Liberation Army announced 054A class frigate Yangzhou

integration staff supervision department released the PLA 903A supply ship Gaoyou No.

the integration staff supervision department announced the missile frigate Huanggang ship, Yangzhou ship, comprehensive supply ship Gaoyou ship three ships for naval escort fleet twenty-sixth. In April 1st, the Navy China naval escort fleet twenty-sixth from a military port in Zhoushan sail unmoor. In October 19th, the Navy's twenty-sixth convoy team ended a friendly visit to the law for a period of 4 days and returned home.

according to earlier media reports, in November 22nd, the air force division recently organized a multi detonation 6K aircraft, before the first island formation over the ocean to carry out training bus channel and the Miyako Island Strait, the South China Sea cruise to fight.

11 23, the PLA military again to a large fleet of Miyako Island Strait, the Bashi Channel and out (Taiwan north and South Island), the implementation of training flight in the ocean east of Taiwan. The training aircraft included the bombardment -6K bomber, the -8 electronic war aircraft, the Soviet -30MKK fighter and the eel -78 air refueling aircraft.

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