Japanese government compensation for the loss of China's labor demand in World War II

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" [global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported] according to Japan's Kyodo News reported on November 28th, in Japan during World War II Akita County mine was forced labor granite grounds, filed a lawsuit in 2 China survivors and the families of the deceased and a total of 17 people, the Japanese government for compensation the loss of the civil trial and apologize, 28 in the Osaka District Court implementation. Li Tiechui, a Japanese survivor and plaintiff (94 years old, Hebei province), complained that the Japanese government was responsible for the captive labor, causing many deaths and demanding compensation.

1944 in April, Li Tiechui was the kidnapping of Japanese to granite mines. He weeping in the court that he had to work 15 to 16 hours a day, eating grass to endure hunger, and it was painful to think about it. Li Tiechui also participated in the kidnapping was launched in June 1945 Chinese labor uprising Hanaoka incident "". He recalls that there are so many dead people that they can't stand the hard work.

Li Tiechui fled after the uprising, but was caught, and his face and fingers had been injured by torture. It was said that after the war he was emancipated and heir to the business farmer, but he was troubled by the sequelae. He said in a press conference after the court, in the absence of proper food and clothing conditions are required to perform harsh labor, remember they fly into a rage.

shot Chinese Hanaoka incident, the Japanese labor events. During the Second World War, the Japanese invaders captured more than 40 thousand Chinese to Japan as labourers and 986 of them were sent to Akita County of Zhongshan granite Japan Liao camp, "Kjima" (today the Kajima company). Because of these hard to bear the cruel torture, the outbreak of the "granite uprising" in June 30, 1945, the next day was suppressed, a total of 418 people died in japan. In November 2000, the "China Hanaoka incident" the survivors and families of the victims and the accused Kajima company of Japan reached a settlement. Kajima company to apologize and compensate for China labor 500 million yen. However, the Japanese government, which also has an unshirkable responsibility, has still refused to apologize and compensate.

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