North Korea has not tested missiles for more than two months. What is Kim Jeong-eun busy with?

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kejiribao· 2017-11-29 19:07:35

news: South Korea's military said North Korea tested a ballistic missile in the east of the Korean Peninsula in the early hours of the morning. The United States initially decided that the missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile.

but since mid September, North Korea has not tested missiles for more than two months. What did Kim Jeong-eun do before? Chang'an Avenue governor

APP found that in this period of long time in the end, Kim Jeong-eun put emphasis on domestic economic development.

, the Korean labor party organ newspaper "Labor News" website shows that since September 21st, Kim Jeong-eun's 8 inspection activities basically focus on the agricultural and industrial sectors of the people's livelihood.

in late September, Kim Jeong-eun came to the Yellow Sea to inspect the South County fruit orchard. According to

reports, one of his touch with apple, forthright laughed and said, "this is blatantly covered with branches. I heard many working class fruit yield reached 70 to 80 tons, really great. There are also many apple trees with an average of 200 and a maximum of more than 300. "

11 15 month to inspect Venus tractor factory", Kim Jeong-eun repeatedly commented, "what a spectacular sight!" It's a great achievement! It's hard! "And personally driving" -804 "horse tractor, analyze the performance and technical characteristics. In the

photograph, Kim Jeong-eun examined the equipment in the factory, tried to drive the vehicle, and laughed with the workers.

" in 3, he visited 16 car factory also put forward modernization requirements, pointed out that the national automotive industry to improve the level of the world, brings the new turning point, called for concerted efforts to start make snap modernization project, that today determination is the effective measures of building a prosperous motherland. The situation such as

has been rare this year. Statistics show that during the period from June 21st to September 20th, Kim Jeong-eun's public appearances were not related to the livelihood economy, almost all of them appeared in the missile test training field, or the inspection of military factories.

has turned its energy into the economy after a strong missile test. What is Kim Jeong-eun's goal?

, on the one hand, according to Bai Taixuan, spokesman of the Ministry of unification of Korea, Kim Jeong-eun may be to unite the Korean people and strengthen support for the leadership.

, on the other hand, is also a more direct external cause, which is the effect of the international community on the economic sanctions of the DPRK.

reported that at present, the price of rice in the country is rising, and the price of gasoline in some areas has a trend of high.

, in addition, in the manufacturing sector, North Korea urgently needs to expand its manufacturing industry to reduce its dependence on imports of all kinds of goods. Bai Taixuan said the DPRK is also looking for exports beyond the scope of sanctions, such as tractors.

in order to avoid further escalation of sanctions, it is also reasonable for the DPRK to choose restraint. In addition, some analysts believe that after 6 nuclear tests, the DPRK basically has the basic nuclear capability. DPRK is not in a hurry to launch the new launch test.

in the near future, the situation in the peninsula seems to be eased.

South Korea, "Asian daily" reported earlier, the South Korean national party before the party Pu Zhiyuan said the policy toward dialogue has always stressed Wen zaiyin president, actively contributed to the both sides of the contact in korea.

in the United States has also continued to release good faith in the near future, Trump in the twitter explanation, he never called Kim Jeong-eun "fat and short". Trump also said that in order to make friends with Kim Jeong-eun, he "tried very hard", but also hope that one day two people will develop friendship.

" for a hope to become friends with Kim Jeong-eun, Trump responded that if true, will be very, very good thing, will be good for North Korea and the world".

Russian satellite network 11 is even more upset. In October, the North Korean delegation in the national Parliamentary Union through the Russian federal committee chairman Matvey Janko sent letters to Russian President Putin. This is also interpreted by the outside world as a signal by Kim Jeong-eun to send a message to the United States by Putin.

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