The bank was bombed! The ICBC and the Jingdong announced it at the same time


21caiwenhui· 2017-11-29 22:14:04

a year ago,

was hard to imagine that the traditional banking giant would join hands with the Internet giant, but

is now becoming a reality.

has no eternal enemy, only the eternal interest.

since cooperation can win together, why is it necessary to wait for the revolution?

" suddenly announced, let all the banks be taken by surprise

11 27, ICBC and Jingdong in Beijing held a joint financial conference, announced the launch of ICBC white digital bank.

this is the first domestic bank to open the bank to the Internet platform!

" and its original online banking, mobile phone banking is not a concept, the bank is different from all previous forms of Internet banking, without carrier network where there is it.

pinch can be understood as a new financial species hatched by the Jingdong financial and industrial and commercial banks.

it is understood, it can be embedded cards like different types of scenes, such as the WeChat &mdash circle of friends, live and other various social, entertainment, consumer website and APP; — educational websites in white, ICBC will show to study financial module; the tourism website, will be equipped with the online application deposit proof function in the consumer and live in app, ICBC will highlight white consumer financial products.

means that from now on, will not only do not go to the bank outlets, but also do not need to download the bank app, but also can easily use the bank's products and services.

unbounded finance really wants to come to the

unbounded finance exactly what? Chen Shengqiang,

Jingdong financial CEO, said, "we have proved that the real value of finance and technology can create for banks. In essence, it is the creation of an unlimited financial — — let the finance be freely distributed like cards, no longer has the limitations of scenes and physics. online and offline two-way Unicom, better integration with people!

Jingdong financial CEO Chen Shengqiang >

has just announced the joint launch of "ICBC Xiao Bai", ICBC and Jingdong finance will immediately start the two innovative functions.

1, no shop:

no shopping guide, brush face into the store, selection of precious metals. After seeing, open the Bluetooth, WeChat shook automatically into the digital bank, the Jingdong sent the goods to the door.

" into the ICBC

2 online shop, no proof of assets:

used to pull water, do the deposit certificate need to go to the bank outlets queuing is not used now. Digital bank "workers silver white" direct application, Jingdong distribution to home. The ubiquitous

digital bank, will break the limitation of service of the scene, as long as you need, even if it is below the line, can be triggered at any moment; at the same time, will also break the physical limitations of the counter has moved to the Internet, so we do not have to run the network.

combination: a joint Jingdong, ICBC sword

early in June 16th this year, the ICBC and the Jingdong Financial Group officially signed a business cooperation framework agreement. The two sides will conduct a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of financial technology, retail banking, consumer finance, business credit, campus ecology, asset management and personal joint account.

chairman of ICBC has also shown that easy to be filled, choose a comprehensive cooperation with Jingdong finance, is a Jingdong in the fancy financial service entity economy formed in the process of financial science and technology ability of , including the product innovation ability, the ability to control the wind of big data and the Internet the operation ability and so on, comprehensive and in-depth cooperation is conducive to both sides to achieve their rapid growth and iterative operations, both for customers to create a better service and experience.

this is the age of strong union! As the first of the four major lines, ICBC saw the future of the bank, and Liu Qiangdong also saw the future of the Internet.

this time the cooperation between cosmos and Jingdong, as well as the new financial species hatched by the two giants, let the industry see . This is definitely not a common business cooperation, nor a crossover and cross-border integration, but a cross-border integration. Bye bye

, will "disappear" bank card

a lot of people "unbounded finance" too far too abstract, but the fast changing times, perhaps in a few years, we followed decades of bank card, will face "disappear".

as early as September this year, the Agricultural Bank of China began to "brush face and withdraw money" for its ATM machine, which spread all over the country.

people do not need to carry a bank card. They only need to stand in front of the ATM of the ABC. can take a look at the camera, then enter the phone number, the amount of withdrawals, the password, automatically withdraw money and take cash.

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