"Clouds" and small Su Yuning is simply all rounder girl!

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Before the launch of

's "marine pasture cloud", the author is now sending out a piece of micro-blog, which mentioned the play "the first 8 episodes are all juvenile drama". The TV station had directed the director to cut off the play of the youth.

has seen several episodes of "marine pastoral cloud". Ju Zijun is glad that the director has not compromised. Although not flow, not so familiar, but the actors were definitely brighten people!

they are not only very similar to adult actors, but also good acting.

orange Jun especially likes maiden Su Yu Ning.

. Her face is round, looks very good, looks like a cute face, but it turns out to be imposing.

", especially in the South dry month after she slapped Li, the first to say "I'm sorry" said he had tried to live, then suddenly back to the South with lovemaking dry month six slap lijiang.

is not a swallow of the steamed bun, the palm make orange gentleman is very surprise!

from the footage, Su Yuning cliff that was not matting, applause for small actors!

, because small actors perform too well, oranges have some regrets, but the heroes in their boyhood only played 8 short episodes.

" as Yuning Su actor called Li Kaixin, is a 99 year girl, now studying at the Beijing Film Academy, not only beautiful costumes, modern dress beauty is capitalized!

from small to look good!

" her mother is Singapore's famous host Quan Yifeng, this year also won the Singapore annual festival "Star Awards" best variety show host Award "and" super red".

award ceremony, Li Kaixin also appeared on the stage for her mother to sing a thank you.

mother and daughter are beautiful!

" a lot of people know Li Kaixin first because she took Xu Anhua's apple mobile phone micro film "old records" at

" the round face, super sweet smile the little girl is Li Kaixin.

"on the sea and clouds" was taken by Li Kaixin after the first drama, she played Yuan Qianjia in the "problem" in the restaurant, in the Japanese version is Songgang part of mo.

orange Jun, the biggest impression on Li Kaixin is from a different Youth Drama "monitor".

this drama about the dumbass leaf Lignicolous and Curve Wrecker rival Liao Danyi's childhood sweetheart love (?) The story of the murder is a question mark after "love", because there are few very few sugar in the play. Men and women most of the time are from the heart to abandon each other!

see each other is shy, but also a few days of small beauty? It doesn't exist!

orange Jun has always thought that youth films are not those routines. Men and women always want to be together. But never thought, after the first season, the men and women did not deal with it!

a while ago, the second season also aired, orange Jun ran to some small ambiguous "heart, excited to open the video, the &hellip

[writers are forced to let you live in the same house next, you don't quarrel, can fall in love!

" why men only appeared in two female brain hole at

woman … … brain hole is too rich and colorful!

orange Jun could not help dragging on to the last episode until it was discovered that, until the end of the second season, the squad leader and Dan Yi boy didn't have a serious relationship.

tired, heart tired … …

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