Fan Bingbing and staff dinner doubtful racket did not eat?

Fan Bingbing Li Chen warm

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-30 12:15:18

" as everyone knows, the entertainment stars often give their molded chowhound set, privately they dare not eat. Where there are so many "crazy to eat" the special constitution, most people are a silent diet after the swing. The true nature of the girl wine and dine, until the weight soared again after losing weight, is also very hard.

often have women because they are caught in the "gourmet photo", but they are just tucked up and tucked up. The old series that this approach is understandable, if you look at the true nature of Jiang Xin, and it does not matter, but the weight is really very important! Always thought that Fan Bingbing and Jiang Xin is a true chowhound, until after Fan Bingbing weight-loss success, she will no longer be used to the wine and dine, anyway, holding Fan Bingbing yen value.

recently, Fan Bingbing in micro-blog, drying out after the end of the work together with the staff photos, a big table is really tempting. After Fan Bingbing reward staff, users have to Fan Bingbing this bold and warm like the boss.

but careful Netizens found the problem, and was praised for the long time Fan Bingbing did not eat, everything could be for taking pictures. Because there was no tableware in front of Fan Bingbing, only a glass of water was boiled. Although Fan Bingbing was pointed to the "swing", but Fan Bingbing's attitude to the staff is still very warm, think of people very happy.

is busy working Fan Bingbing is about to rush to the next job for the next recording. Today's Fan Bingbing is getting better and better, and the weight that has plagued it for years has become a little thing. Since being together with Li Chen, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have both gained weight. Then two people lose weight through exercise and diet control. Only now is Fan Bingbing who is now in the same figure and online.

is still busy at work, but two people have put marriage on the agenda. It is believed that after two people have finished the work on their hands, they will consider marriage.

Fan Bingbing has said in an interview that she will consider leaving the entertainment circle after marriage, or in the background of transformation. Once the cause of heart bursting Fan Bingbing also has such a small girl, someone always open your heart of girl. You should love a person who can make you better and better. If you meet, pay the rest of your life.

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