US media said NATO should "close" China: strength has shifted to Asia

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-11-30 14:23:46

information: in the Belgian capital Brussels, the aircraft from the new NATO headquarters overhead

Reference News Network November 30th U.S. media reported that a leading experts and former officials of the working group said that if you can't get another major competition China opponent's "help", NATO may not be able to deal with its main competitor of Russia's military conflict.

according to the American "Newsweek" reported on November 28th, in Slovakia, the NGO global security organization under NATO released the latest assessment report on the Western military alliance to fulfill its duties in Europe, NATO and Russia in Europe since the cold war has never been involved in large-scale arms race seen, the working group to retire the former NATO supreme commander of allied forces in Europe led by John Alan, urged the US led NATO "began a more forward-looking adaptation process", to defend it called "military first in russia".

global security organization released in 2017 "to" NATO initiative report said: "NATO fell after the risk of political reforms and development of technology, structure and properties, and the reform and development of international relations can change the war and NATO's own role. "The

strategy includes let NATO with Australia, India, Japan and South Korea China, such as non NATO countries to contact, which said:" if you want to stop the NATO war in the future, it must ensure that they have the ability to stop the war, it must have the ability to consolidate its military political tool and partnership. "The

reported that as early as 2014, NATO had withdrawn from a better working relationship with Russia and took a tougher position. Since then, Russia and Ukraine have mobilized their own troops and established defences on the border between the two countries, especially in the Baltic regions of Eastern Europe. Both sides have maintained a militarized situation in Europe, but Russia has broken the balance of power in the Western dominated tradition in other places, especially in the Middle East. Moscow's aggressive military and diplomatic victory in Syria made it a strong stronghold in the region. It tried to use other forces to make alliances with its allies in history and other anti American forces, such as Cuba and Iran.

reports that, in the face of the historic challenges faced by its global targets, the report urges NATO to engage with the next military power (China) next to the US and Russia. China not only established the largest standing army in the world, but also began to transform the army into a world-class army built for war.

John Alan, in an interview with the European political weekly, said: "NATO needs to pay attention to the great influence of China. "

reports, however, may be difficult to touch with China, because Russia has been wary of its neighbour in recent years.

reported that other recent reports also revealed the vulnerability of NATO and the urgency of NATO reform. NATO under the the Atlantic Council last week published the latest "strategic analysis report", and the risk of non Western powers "major conflict among countries has increased, and with the power from west to West Asia, ability to influence of pre global agenda will reduce".

also reported that a leaked internal report last month said NATO's capability has been shrinking since the end of the cold war. If faced with a comprehensive war with Russia, its existing command structure will "crash quickly". (compiling / Long Jun)

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