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fenghuangkeji· 2017-11-30 14:26:36

"China today, today's era is the best business times." In November 29th, Ma Yun, the president of Zhejiang Merchants Association, shared his thoughts on the current situation at home and abroad by more than 2000 representatives from Zhejiang businessmen at the world Zhejiang merchants conference held in Hangzhou.

revealed to the nineteen largest Ma Yun last month, nineteen reports have seen many times, and the company has learned many times. "I learn this is asking a question, what can we do to implement the nineteen major policies?"

Ma Yun said that he has run many countries in the world. The two advantages China has made him feel especially deep. One is political stability, the two is social security.

"no country in the world has such an environment, only the Communist Party of China has improved and self - innovated in the past five years. The work of China's clean government has made great attention to the world, and there is no country in the world. Our country is also the safest country in the world, and the safety of the people is still the best in terms of political stability, social security and the whole economy. The business environment of this country is the best. "6% He said.

in the new era of the new situation, Ma Yun from the perspective of entrepreneurs to talk about their own feelings. He believes that as an entrepreneur today, there is no need to bribe others and do not have to make an inexplicable relationship. Entrepreneurs are faced with countless opportunities today. In the world, "The Belt and Road to entrepreneurs brought great opportunities in China, through the supply side structural reform will bring about great opportunities for everyone.

Ma Yun reminded the Zhejiang business enterprises here, the challenges facing the future can not be ignored, technology is more challenging for each company than the imagination. Ma Yun also appealed to the meeting of Zhejiang businessmen. The ways and means of doing business today must be reformed, and the imbalances and inadequacy of the nineteen references are carefully looked at. Before the enterprise is the policy, the future enterprise should understand the policy. In order to survive, many manufacturing enterprises must think seriously about the transformation and upgrading.

in Zhejiang province promoting Hangzhou Bay Bay area, "this is a very good chance." Ma Yun said the Alibaba would be fully involved. The world has well done Bay area, Tokyo Bay, New York Bay and the California Bay of the United States. Hangzhou has the idea, the advantageous geographical position, the future integration of the global economy, the integration of regional economy, plus the numerous opportunities brought by this technological revolution.

talks about individuals, and Ma says how big a person's career is and how big it is. Since I was not trained in this area, I was very nervous every day. And money and good products do not seem to bring happiness, but they bring changes to people's lives to make themselves happy.

Ma believes that the more things you do, the more you do, the more trouble you have, and the more you get an indirect feeling of happiness, not a common sense of happiness. He also broke a new verse: "if an ordinary happiness, a month to earn one to two million people that is quite happy, a month to earn two billion people are actually very uncomfortable, this money is not you, you can't take back, then you have to do it again things."

Ma Yun explained that Chinese people like low profile people, I am an alternative, how do they think you are so high? It's also singing and making movies, but the tossing is all over. In fact, this is a person's character determines fate, this is my own character. Then my first job was the teacher, and the teacher was sharing. I was not trained in business. I was an entrepreneur in the state of being a teacher, when the teacher wanted all the students to surpass themselves. How do people look at me? I do not know, in fact, I have thought about what to say after the death of the tombstone to write a word? I say Hangzhou people, Hangzhou Yankees, like Taijiquan, have done a lot of things, and also made a business by the way. Anyway, I want myself to be happy, especially when I am happier today, the happier my colleagues are.

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