Ma Yun: it's hard to earn ten or twenty billion a month


huaxiashibao· 2017-11-30 17:43:31

day before, at the fourth World Congress of Zhejiang, Ma Yun mentioned in the dialogue and the host, money does not bring happiness and good product, is changing people's lives can make you happy; a month earn 2 million people very happy, but earn ten or twenty a month million very uncomfortable.

Ma said, "how big is your career for each person's career? We are now 60 thousand people in a dizzy way." Go today very careful, tense every day. money does not bring us happiness, good products bring happiness, but it is found that many of us have changed their lives. I think I can only find this joy to make myself happier. this is also life, no way. "

Ma Yun" at the same time, "the more you do, the more you will bear, the more trouble you will take. At the same time, the happiness that you get is to get into the order, not the common sense of happiness. I'm happy if I can earn 1 million a month. "

host: how much??!!

Ma: " a month to earn one to two million people that is quite happy, but a month earn two billion people are actually very uncomfortable , because the money is not you, you can't take back later, you have to do things. "

" on the above chart from the @ Zhejiang daily video screenshot

Ma and host dialogue Video: click here to watch

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