Alipay through the first three quarters of net profit of 4 billion 500 million pictures: how much did you borrow?


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ant gold suit's loan product ant flower and borrowing is a more famous product in the field of consumer finance. The flower is mainly based on the borrowing from the offline consumer scene, by which it is a non - scene credit loan. What are their operating conditions?

recently, the Chongqing ant ant business small loan company limited, which is a loan agency, intends to issue 3 billion asset support notes, and has disclosed the first three quarters of its performance in Shanghai clearing house.

data show that 's cash loan is the main business ant's small loan. The first three quarters net profit has reached nearly 4 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of over 1.9 times over the same period, which exceeds the profit level of the listed banks of Hangzhou bank and Guiyang bank.

ant small loan through borrowing to achieve net profit of 4 billion 500 million

, borrow is an ant gold clothing product, through ant small loan to lend. The data show that the predecessor of the ant loan is the small loan Limited by Share Ltd of the Chongqing Alibaba.

in September of this year, the name of the company was changed to " Chongqing ant business sincerity small loan company ", is the wholly owned subsidiary of ant gold clothing.

ant small loan main business is to lend services to individual customers on the platform with the help of Taobao group, Tmall and Alibaba platform of Alibaba group. Data from the

asset support note prospectus showed that in the first three quarters of 2017, the ant's small loan revenue was 6 billion 947 million, an increase of 190% over the same period last year. The income structure was mainly interest income, commission and commission income, and investment income. In the first three quarters of this year, the small loan business structure in the first three quarters showed a situation of decreasing interest income, handling fees and commission income, and increasing the income of investment. The net interest income of

was 638 million, which decreased by 25% over the same period. The decrease in interest income is due to compliance and improvement of the attractiveness of borrowers. The fee and commission income is 2 billion 285 million yuan, up 205% over the same period last year.

fee income mainly for ant small loans to Alipay's "flower chanting" business fees and asset securitization business services management fee income.

investment income was 4 billion 23 million, up 419% over the same period. What is the composition of the investment income and why the growth is so big, the ant loan is not disclosed in the prospectus of the asset support bill.

but the balance sheet shows that the sale of financial assets at the end of the ant loan period increased by about 3 billion yuan at the beginning of the year, and the income of the investment should be related to this. In the 2014-2016 years of financial data, charged to the asset transfer income, namely the ants in the process of asset securitization of small loans to special purpose entities transfer part "loans and advances" assets to achieve revenue. It is also possible to combine the income of investment and the transfer of assets in the new year's earnings.

business expenditure, the largest proportion of the business and management costs, for 1 billion 743 million yuan, an increase of 189%. Not charged the cost of marketing, may be included in the business and management fees, may also be because the entrance flow value of Alipay's marketing costs less. In the first three quarters of

, the net profit of ants was 4 billion 493 million yuan, an increase of 193% over the same period. From 2014 to 2016, its net profit was 505 million yuan, 977 million yuan and 1 billion 924 million yuan respectively.

borrow for chant credit loans, compared with nowadays stir petty cash loan, the loan amount of the loan period is longer interval, also slightly longer.

as of the end of 4 2017, the amount of credit granted by was generally between 1000 yuan and 300000 yuan. The average amount of loans granted by ants to borrowers is 3000 yuan to 9000 yuan, and the borrowing period is mainly 6 and 12. In terms of

interest rates, the daily interest rate is 1.5 to 6 per million, and the interest rate is charged on a daily basis, and the overdue fine is charged at 1.5 times the base rate.

in addition to ant small loan, ant gold suit and two small loan license plates, namely Zhejiang Alibaba small loan Limited by Share Ltd, Chongqing ant small micro loan company limited. The latter is the main body of the ant flower.

net profit level is higher than that of some listed banks

. With the help of such a credit loan product, the net profit of ant small loan in the first three quarters is close to 4 billion 500 million yuan. The profit level is not only far beyond the recently listed consumer finance mutual gold companies, but also over the licensed Consumer Finance Companies, as well as many banks.

recently listed and is the listing of consumer finance companies, fun shop before the three quarter net profit of 1 billion 625 million yuan, Le letter before the three quarter net profit of 140 million yuan, a pat on the loan before the three quarter net profit of 1 billion 590 million yuan, compared to the main lending ant by chant small loans, less a lot. The

licensed Consumer Finance Companies has only the first half of the year's data. Among them, Gitzo consumer finance first half net profit of 496 million yuan, the Bank of consumer finance in the first half net profit of 645 million yuan, the joint consumer finance first half net profit of 541 million yuan, immediately consumer finance first half net profit of 134 million yuan. The possibility of overtaking ant loans in the first three quarters is unlikely.

in the A share listed banks, the net profit of workers and peasants in the first three quarters is over 150 billion yuan, and the net profit of China Merchants Bank, Bank of communications, PUFA, people's livelihood, CITIC, Guangda, Ping An, Beijing bank, Huaxia and Shanghai bank is between 60 billion and 10 billion. These are far higher than the ants.

the net profit of the Bank of Nanjing and the Bank of Ningbo is 7 billion 500 million and 7 billion 300 million, respectively.

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