54 year old Wei Wei life three big regret: marry a foreigner, and mentor Li Guyi have been domestic violence

54 year old Wei Wei life three big regret: domestic violence divorce marry a foreigner was hate fa

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mentioned Wei Wei, and it is estimated that many people who have a certain life experience are not familiar with them. Wei Wei from the age of 4 when he appeared to sing and dance talent, 6 year old teacher to learn singing skills, 8 year old began to dance performance training and is active in the arena. 1989 Spring Festival, a "devotion of love" made her popular in 1990 Asian Games in Beijing on both sides of the Changjiang River, singing the theme song of "Asian treasures" is laid the status of Wei Wei in the music. Wei Wei is now 54 years old, in this life, brilliant, also experienced extreme regret things, fortunately there are three children are very promising, and tall, this is Wei Wei's greatest comfort.

a female singer, has experienced the vicissitudes of life, regret so few things wrong: marry a foreigner, break with the teacher Li Guyi, and when I was young because hate father and away from him, until his father died until I missed the life they can't go back.

Wei Wei regretted the first time: he hated his father so much that he chose the wrong marriage.

sometimes had to feel that his father's status and behavior in a family would directly decide the child's later marriage view. In fact, Wei Wei's childhood was not happy, because my father was very strict, love to drink, a drink will be. Wei Wei's father and Wei Wei have never been close to their daughter in their daily life. In the eyes of his father, his family was never as important as a comrade in war. He never listened to him, and he was always talking about his military feelings. So when Wei Wei was very young, she didn't want to stay in her home. She would rather leave it when she was 14 years old. She didn't want to see her parents or stay at home. The further deterioration of the relationship between

and the father's relationship is actually related to a break with Li Guyi. At that time Wei Wei because the lawsuit thing can not bear pressure, only more than 20 years old, she came home crying, &ldquo said; can not stand, have to deal with ”, she has not only get the understanding of the family, the father is the roar of the “ stand, you go to die ah & hellip; … ”. At that time, Wei Wei vowed never to see her father again, because she had hoped to hear &ldquo, and the father told me that they were my ”

so Wei Wei never wanted to go home, and married to a foreign country was a part of her escape. Although my father hated, but after many years in his farewell ceremony, Wei Wei burst into tears, the child actually want is very simple, is that you love me, I will always love you.

Wei Wei second regret: wrong to marry a foreigner was

violence xiansang Ming just said because the family Wei Wei married abroad, when Wei Wei and his 20 year old Swedish musician Michael · Smith fell in love, although outsiders are not optimistic about this marriage, but they eventually married, married she had three children. This relationship in good times don't last long, divorce, and ends with very good way. According to Wei Wei, her husband has been in Sweden to limit her three sons of liberty, but also put away their mother four passport, more bizarre is that it is said that in order to compete for the three son's custody, he also rigged Wei Wei's car, or even ask the bodyguards with guns to keep home door. Don't let her go.

later Wei Wei returned home with three sons, and a man raised his son. The eldest son and two son have succeeded in going to Peking University, and the youngest son is also excellent. This is unfortunate marriage lucky.

Wei Wei third:

and your enemies with regret

Wei Wei could have just music achievements today does have merit in Li Guyi, but two people but because there are exactly 10 years without speaking a lawsuit. The event is this: when an article entitled "someone said she had a terrible disease, some people even said that she had Dutch act, unable to agree on which is right of public opinion. Wei Wei, a famous singer, interviewed reporters by telephone, and gave reasons for it. He borrowed the mouth of Wei Wei, &ldquo, and grieved out the grievances she never wanted to tell &rdquo from outside. This incident caused a great stir in the society. After the publication of the article, Li Guyi constantly received phone calls and letters asking questions and inquiries, and more abusive insults. In order to calm the wave, for his own name, Li Guyi not only told the writing of the people, but also brought to Wei Wei.

for many years, the two people again to do the judges, and good as the first. When asked how to evaluate Wei Wei Li Guyi, Wei Wei smiled and said: “ Li Guyi is kind-hearted and speak outspoken, very good people, singing art level is very high, I respect her. That is a misunderstanding. Now the misunderstanding of the two of us has been relieved. It is a good friend to talk about. She is still my boss and my teacher. ” now, Wei Wei is accustomed to calling Li Guyi: &ldquo, boss, Hello! You have to take care of it! ”

now Wei Wei has returned to her happy life, participating in variety shows, activities, making money to raise children, and emotional bloom. Wei Wei's new boyfriend is a neighbour of the same community, a big blonde Swede. He was the father of Wei Wei's son's classmate, because he knew that Wei Wei was going to develop at home and was not asked to go back to Sweden.

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